Heavenly Desires


bz panel 07-23-13bz strip 07-23-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Afterlife Fantasies.

I don’t believe in an afterlife, but if I did, it would be wonderful to be availed of any kind of sensory pleasure you could dream of without consequences or guilt. Among my personal (and very long) list would be warm, glazed donuts at your fingertips with no concern for gained weight,  sex with your favorite movie stars, beef fajitas without the torture and slaughter of a fellow being, crazy-fun drug trips without risk of arrest or damage to your health, riding a motorcycle at 100 miles an hour without threat of injury or death.

Of course, under the traditional rules of “heaven,” one no longer needs or desires sensory pleasures so the whole concept is a non-starter. But it’s fun to dream.






In the old-Bizarros-I-don’t-hate category today, I have this offering for you from bz 08-12-10 darnationheaven.


12 thoughts on “Heavenly Desires

  1. “sex with your favorite movie stars”

    This one’s really got to be on everyone’s list irrespective of how old they are, which country they live in, or whether they’re male or female; it’s on mine at the top. And I’m pretty sure the said movie stars have this themselves too. Oh, but they largely fulfill the desire even before they go to heaven, don’t they?

  2. Your afterlife fantasy actually sounds a bit like part of the plot line for “Star Trek Generations”. It was movie number 7 of the franchise and could certainly be used as a good example supporting the curse theory that every odd numbered Star Trek movie is a dog. In any case, in that movie there was this place called the Nexus where you could pretty much have whatever your heart desired and mind could imagine. But Captain Kirk found it was not all that much fun after all precisely because there was no real risk in engaging in adventurous behavior. Your motorcycle example reminded me of Kirk jumping a dangerous ravine on horseback to prove his point. If there is no danger, where’s the fun?

    Could be a valid point — but could I please try this Nexus place to see for myself?

  3. I thot those were rolled up tube socks _ for when your feet get cold from treading through all that fog.

  4. Regarding “…sex with your favorite movie stars…”, that would be a curious situation: your (or my) particular heaven coinciding with their particular hell.

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