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bz panel 08-13-13bz strip 08-13-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Falcon in a Tree.

I’ve gone on record many times about how much I despise the American medical system. Not the doctors and nurses who do the dirty work, but the pay structure and especially the insurance industry. It’s nothing short of legalized extortion. So this cartoon is about that. Not particularly brilliant or funny, but it made me feel better for a few minutes when I drew it.

On to a more entertaining subject, the results are in from the  Jazz Pickles who voted on the name I should call the section of my daily posts wherein I feature older Bizarro cartoons. My original call for suggestions wrangled 41 suggestions, most of them pretty good. After the voting started, I got another 16 which were also worthy. Below is a list of the top five names, in order of their popularity.

First place: Bizarrchives

Second place: Pickled Jazz

Three-way tie for third: Jazz Pickle Jar, Deja View, and Bizarro Basement.

One of my Jazz Pickles suggested I rotate the names and many more of you agreed, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll use your faves from the voting and a few of my own from the rest of the list. Let’s start now!

Bz 05-03-98 BrainSurgeonWEBBIZARRCHIVES: This, the overwhelming favorite name, comes from my own colleague and known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. That guy is good for lots of stuff! This cartoon is from 1993 and I chose it because I’ve always really loved this picture and gag. As an extra bit of fun, here’s a closeup of the diagrams on the wall, which I suspect you cannot read at the size above.  Hope you enjoy it.


30 thoughts on “Sick Of It

  1. Totally off the subjects of the cartoons or the name for the classics …

    Is there a way to have your blog send us an email when a new entry is posted? Some other blogs I read have that option, but I don’t see it here.

    • I don’t know how to do that, MG. If you “like” my Bizarro Facebook page, you can set your email to tell you when I post that I’ve got a new blog out. That’s the closest I’ve been able to get to alerting JPs.

      • 80’s(?) Twilight Zone, or some show similar to that, had a story with actor C. Thomas Howell about “The Stream” where your brain had to be connected to an internet type network. An external unit attached to the side of you head, hooked you into the stream – all information could be transmitted to your brain and no one knew how to read. Google glass reminds me of that story and of course, The Stream might be Apple’s next hot item.

  2. This hits so close to home on this most unfortunate of days, but somehow it still put a smile on my sick, sick face. Thank you, sir!

  3. Congratulations, this comic was featured in Mike Peterson’s always thought-provoking blog “Comic Strip of the Day” (which I consider the anti-Comics-Curmudgeon) But you have to scroll down for it; in spite of its title, the blog usually addresses multiple topic-related comics (and also more Editorial Cartoons than Funny Papers; you may need to focus on pure sillyness for a while to avoid being banished to the Doonesbury Corner).

    But in the ‘widescreen’ version, I couldn’t help but notice you put “K2” on a package of a tube of cream… or jelly. Pharmaceutical Pie is good too.

    And yes, the Mr. Potato Head Brain Surgeons IS a Klassic with a kapital whatever-letter. Much better than showing beginning surgeons working a row of Operation games. And Wayno has been inserting ideas into your head like a backwards brain surgeon since 1993!!! I hope you already gave him a “20 year” plaque or ribbon or engraved eyeball.

  4. Bizarrchives: great name for older Bizarro cartoons and a great name for a chip dip or spread.

    Hey, who doesn’t like chives… especially when they’re a little Bizarro!?!

  5. Congrats to the winner, a guy who’s been neglected so many times, it eventually became part of his name (“No, Wayne, NO!”). He’s a fine member of the “goon squad” as well — who will visit me and leave me pun-drunk if I don’t stop this right now!

    I don’t envy Wayno the Porsche he’ll find in front of his mansion tomorrow; I’m doing fine with my bicycle (although it rains and snows 24/7 all year round in Germany, but I’m used to it!). Since I have just bought a new fridge and the old coffee grinder is still working, I also don’t envy the Jazz Pickles who came in second and third. However (and now I will reveal what made me think of one of my creations, “Blissarro”) I feel entitled to be honored with one free classic from the Bizarrchives. Why? — Because I got Dan started posting his classics! (To make this an institution was his decision; I would not have dreamed any further than seeing that cyclops boy again. — See 4th of July 2013 :-))

    I always felt it unfair that people who initiate things never get any credit. We all enjoy electric light, talking to others who are far away, not getting struck by lightning in our homes. But does anyone know who invented the light bulb, the telephone or the lightning rod!? — See!?

    So, let there for once be justice and grant me my wish (my Blissarro!! My Wisharro!!): I know that cartoon from “Best of Bizarro”. There, on page 13, we see a kindergarten. Cute drawings done by children on the wall. A flabbergasted kindergarten teacher being confronted by a friendly couple which looks just a little more elaborately drawn than stickmen (well, just like a kid would draw her or his parents). And the thus funny looking dad, who’s shaking the flabbergasted kindergarten teacher’s hand, says: “Ms Bartlett? We’re Kaitlin’s parents … ”

    To me, that’s one from the Bizarro “Hall of Fame”. And I demand it posted here so that it can be shared with the world!

    Thanks a million!

    • I’m glad you mentioned this, Michael, because you do, indeed, deserve public recognition for suggesting the Bizarrchives section in the first place! I shall do so forthwith, good sir.

  6. I have just been dealing with this, I have no thyroid and need to take a pill or I will die, but the pharmacy won’t send it to me without me prepaying, but it is so expensive, so it is a constant battle!

    • Man, that sounds like it sucks in large, conspicuous ways. I’m so sorry. But at least you can rest easier at night knowing that you’re helping to pay for exotic vacations for needy Pharm execs.

    • hello. i was curious about your comment because i work as a clinical pharmacist. i’m sure you’ve probably done this already, but there are very, very low priced thyroid replacement treatments out there. many docs don’t like to prescribe the ‘oldies’ because (1) they wish to appear cutting edge and (2) often don’t know squat about pharmacology and will buy into whatever hype drug reps bring into their offices every couple months, of course the hype goes hand-in-hand with the pharmaceutical company’s thoughtful provision of free food and gifts. often, i’ve pulled many people off the expensive t.r.t.’s and put then on dessicated thyroid. not only is it much less expensive, it is a T3/T4 combo. most hypothyroid patients need a combo of the two, the ratio varies from person to person. it’s a tricky problem to manage b/c so many docs make decisions based solely on lab values. not always the best way. thyroid treatment should be individualized.

  7. Great ‘toons, both of them!

    Just a typo in the description: “It’s nothing sort of legalized extortion”. Short*

  8. Loved the “money or your life” pharmacy panel – as a pharmacist, I can appreciate the ridiculous pricing we are forced to lay on our customers. Years ago, working in a small, crumbling town in the mideast, I would throw in cash to cover my patients’ bills – I was paid with a lemon pie once – best value ever!

  9. The potato-head comic was excellent, but the blow-up of the posters was outstanding! I only wish the “accessories” one was more detailed.

    • Glad you liked it BE. One of my favorite things about cartooning is being able to hide small side jokes in the backgrounds; signs, posters, notices, storefronts, etc. Happy to hear people are enjoying those. :o)

  10. Tried to post earlier; hope this one comes through.

    Just to say THANK YOU for your honest portrayal of the current situation for many / most Americans. Friends are paying as much as $600-$900 per for prescriptions that cover only one set of meds for one month. It is obscene and unconscionable, and yet nothing changes. Big Pharma and the health care regime carry on, unrestricted, unconcerned.

    If you want to be (further) scandalized, check out the compensation packages for the health insurance capos … oh, I mean “CEOs.”

  11. The brain surgery panel and enlargement had me cackling for minutes. I am sending both to my son, the new neuro ICU nurse who is not yet (fully) trusted by the surgeons.

    • If you have some original pun ideas you want to submit for possible use in a future Bizarro Sunday Punnies, just leave them here in the comments section. I’ll read them and add them to the list for consideration.

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