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bz panel 08-21-13bz strip 08-21-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Delicious Death.

“Death of a Salesman” is a pretty darned good play by a guy named Arthur Miller, who married Marylin Monroe in spite of being a goofy-looking nerd. (Miller, not Monroe.) I like this kind of story because I am a goofy-looking nerd and I like beautiful women. By many reports, however, he was pretty mean to Marylin and drove her a good deal deeper into depression, a problem she already had when she came to the relationship. If that is true, that wasn’t nice. I’ve been accused of doing this to a couple of women, too (though none of them committed suicide) but I hope it isn’t true. I’ve never intentionally been mean to anyone whom I didn’t think richly deserved it as a result of their own behavior toward me. Normally, I try to be a considerate, nice guy, but when I’m pushed past my limit, I admit that I can be an unmitigated asshat and a formidable foe. Sort of a primordial defense mechanism that kicks in.






VINTAGE JAZZ: Bz panel 06-16-06 FUNERALAnd here’s another funeral gag from 2006. I have occasionally been criticized for doing funeral gags (always by people in grief, so I can’t really blame them) but I believe that our ability to laugh about death and tragedy is a uniquely human trait that balances our unique ability to imagine the future and the pain that most surely awaits us. So I persist, as much for my own peace of mind as any readers who may benefit from it as well. Sorry if you’ve lost someone recently. We all have and it always sucks––but a smile, even a brief one, helps.


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  1. I totally agree about the wonderfulness in our ability to see humor in even the bleakest of times. My mom died back in ’93, I was 23 at the time, and it was devastating for me and the rest of my older siblings. But oh, did we laugh in the days between her death and her memorial mass–just stupid stuff that helped us cope. And then, at the very end of the memorial mass, after Father Kenneally finished speaking, one of her close friends, a leader in the community, belted out, “Well done, Mary!” which was so sweet–and it made us all lose it (laughing) because mom had been cremated.

    And I know she would have found it funny, too. : )

  2. Love Laura’s story.When my grandfather Harold died,a Catholic neighbor sent us a card indicating that a candle would be lit and his name read at Mass-but she mis-spelled his name as Harlod. I almost pee’d laughing.

  3. Funny! My aunt says she wants a funeral where her ashes are on a raft with flaming faggots (the literal word). People give her a strange look because they are thinking the slang. I told her that the non-literal would be more interesting. Perhaps the Village People with her on the raft? (Probably too controversial to draw.)

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