SEE ME LIVE! (rhymes with “jive” or “give”, your choice)


Hey, almighty Jazz Pickles! I’ll be doing a short comedy show for you this Sunday afternoon at a restaurant in Sacramento, California!

Join me for lunch, watch me doing whatever it is that I decide to do to disturb everyone else’s lunch, meet me one-on-one before and afterwards, and have me sign stuff. I’ll be selling Bizarro trading cards, books, and color prints, or you can bring something you already own for me to sign. I’m not picky where I put my name Or, you can just watch the comedy and get a picture with me, which I promise will be appropriate for you to post on FB. (Unless you specifically request something obscene.)

DanPonderingStageMustacheWEBGo here for info and tix: 

Or call 916-706-3302.

1pm, Sunday, Sept 8th, ALL AGES WELCOME

The Plum Cafe & Bakery, 2315 K St., Sacramento, CA 95816…

$28 for show and three-course meal

$15 for show only (you can still order off of the regular menu or buffet at regular prices)

Hope to see a few of you there and if you identify yourself as a Jazz Pickle, I’ll give you a free pack of trading cards! You will wonder how you lived without them.


17 thoughts on “SEE ME LIVE! (rhymes with “jive” or “give”, your choice)

  1. Mr. Piraro,

    It’s a pity I live in Europe and Sacramento is not just a hop away. Add to this the ridicilously low price of $28 for a three-course meal, show included. Here in the lowlands that would be for the starter, no show (except if the waiter is funny). But – hey! – that’s a vegan resto! (I looked it up). That would’ve been an new experience for me, and I would’ve liked something signed…

    Soit, I don’t know how many European / or Belgian FWIW / readers you have. It might not be worth the trip ;-)

    Please continue doing the things you do – I like it!



  2. Is there a port or something where ideas can be sent? I wouldn’t want to put something useful on the replies and leave it up to the artist quickest on the draw to take the bait. Negotions for vast amounts of money are welcome, but optional.

    Thanks for what you do, but more so for what you don’t do. (I really think the inactivity of the inappropriate is so much more important.)


    • You can send ideas to me here and I will read them but not post them for the public. It will be a donation, however. No credit or compensation will be offered except in the case of my Sunday Punnies series, in which case, if I use your idea, you will get a small byline at the bottom of the frame.

  3. Saw you once in Sacramento many years ago and would have been fabulous to see you, again. Already have tickets to Gatsby Summer Afternoon, though. If you haven’t already tried it, Andy Nguyen’s on Broadway has some good vegan offerings. Queen Sheba (Ethiopian) has a vegetarian combo which is good, too, especially with a helping of shiro wot.

  4. Ah man, now I’m in a pickle! Do I drive 2 hours over to Sacramento to see The Great Piraro or do I follow through on my promise to help out a friend with his charity fundraiser? If only there were a way to be in two places at the same time.

    • I’ll only be doing 20 or 30 minutes of nonsense, so I’d help the charity fundraiser if I were you. I’d hate to stand in the way of a worthy cause. :o)

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