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I’m way behind on the blog this week, Jazz Pickles, because I’ve been hammering on cartoons all week so I could get out of town this weekend. I’m going to Sacramentos to do a little comedy show at a restaurant (see previous post) and I hope some of you will be there!

So to catch up, here’s this week’s cartoons:


The first one is a take on the old expression that no matter how important a person is, he puts his pants on one leg at a time. This celeb puts them on differently.







This funeral gag is a fave of mine this week. I love this goofy pun about another old expression.
















This one is another take on my favorite ridiculous disguise, Superman as Clark Kent. A pair of glasses and voila! No one recognizes him. Hahaha.

Sorry to be so brief this week, JPs. I’m in a rush! More better posts later!



33 thoughts on “Tryptich

  1. Fun and great success on Ur forthcoming appearance in Sac/Cali………a mere few miles from my child-hood home….bummer, alas PortlandOR is a tad too far for even our awesome longboard…….look forward to Ur post performance comments…………..!

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  3. I have long held that the same material went into making Kal-El’s specs as does Hannah Montana’s wig. If I was able to make clothes out of that stuff, I’d go find the stuff that those airplane black boxes were made out of, take all of it that I could, and make a James Bond villain-style house out of it.

    I would be invincible. I would crush the unworthy.

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