Musical Horns


Bizarro 09-15-13 WEB Bizarro09-15-13 hedr WEB(For more biggerness, click the “C” key on the piano on the window.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Child Proofing.

This is a simple gag but people like those, especially on a Sunday when they’re already either hung over from a sinful Saturday night or up too early to get to church on time.

Like most little boys, I like drawing dinosaurs. And I had a little extra fun drawing the reflection of him in the window. This one is actually shown much smaller in proportion to the buildings than these guys actually were. We in the paleontological cartoon world call that “artistic license.” And if I’m caught drawing without it, it’s a pretty heavy fine.

BIZARROVERS: I don’t always include an older cartoon on my Sunday posts but I thought this dinosaur cartoon from 2008 went nicely with the one above. AND it has a whopping NINE secret symbols. Enjoy responsibly. bizarro 09-14-08 WEB


27 thoughts on “Musical Horns

  1. My husband and I have been following you for a long time … since before we were married and today is our 23rd anniversary … so … yeah, a while.

    You always make us laugh. I’m a bit of a cartoon and animation fan, but my husband isn’t. He just likes you. Finding your website has improved our world. Or, more to the point, added some much needed weirdness and laughter. Keep on keeping on. Thanks!!

    • I’m with you Marilyn. My life is greatly improved with Dan in it. They removed him from the local rag so am glad to find him again. Plus, I get to share him with folk whether they like it or not.

      Thanks DAn

  2. I wonder how many people would give an arm just for that kid-friendly strait jacket. Or for that matter, how many would be willing to toss in a leg for the kid-friendly gag (sold separately).

    I bet this is one of those things that airlines make a killing on!

    Btw – Tricarrotops has that overly done plastic surgery look down pat, but it needs to look more like a gym bunny _ i.e., overly developed musculature.

  3. After all this time following you, I finally realized the digit above your signature, I feel like and idiot That little digit means how many symbols you have hidden in your strip! And all this time I have been looking for “all” your symbols in all the strips and driving me insane!…Brilliantly played, good sir!

    • Sorry for not telling you sooner. I mention it in comments from time to time but have never made an official announcement. Maybe I should. :o)

    • Yes, but there is so much work involved in making comics and so little money in it (these days, with the Internet offering so much for free) that I just can’t afford the time. I’m working on other side projects, though, which I’ll be announcing soon, I think. (Not comics)

  4. Great work I like what I am seeing, but sorry I just found you and had to check you out. I do have one question though, and that is do you use a lot of the same symbols in your work or do you change them from time to time?

    • Here is a list of the symbols I use: stick of dynamite, upside-down bird, alien in saucer, eyeball, piece of pie, K2, bunny head, a single shoe, an arrow in the back, a crown. I think that’s it.

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