Garbage and Crap


bz panel 10-14-13bz strip 10-14-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Wholesomeness.

As I’ve discussed on this blog before, no matter how long I’m in the syndicated cartoon business, I never cease to be amazed by the kinds of things that are and are not accepted for publication on newspaper funny pages. This cartoon is another example; the original version had “Crap” on the menu and the waiter was saying, “May I recommend the crap?” The childish crudeness of the term made this a funnier gag, in my opinion. But I was told that “crap” could not be used (because it is such a powerful, pernicious, society-corrupting word?) so I opted for the next best thing. The gag is the same, I guess, and America is still safe for women and children so it’s a happy ending. WHEW!






BIZARROVERS: bz 09-07-00 SolitaryWEB As proven above, smutty words are not allowed on the funny pages of newspapers but you can always get away with “cartoon cursing.” This cartoon from 2000 exhibits a prisoner in solitary confinement making lemons out of lemonade. Mmmm, delicious and refreshing.


22 thoughts on “Garbage and Crap

  1. Censorship: such an odd thing.

    The newspapers won’t let you use the word crap… even when not referring to a bodily function that every reader performs.

    However, the Motion Picture Association of America just approved this red band trailer, featuring a fake dick on Zac Efron, even though only half the people who will see the trailer have the real thing in their pants:

    Hooray for Hollywood, I guess. Cocktails anyone?

  2. I saw “crap” listed on the English menu of a Romanian restaurant. I think they meant “carp.” I doubt they had many takers.

  3. You could’ve pulled a George Carlin, put a couple of dice as the restaurant logo and had the waiter ask if the diner wanted to try the Craps Special. Hmm. Crapsy special? Probably couldn’t have gotten away with Crappy Special. You’re right, being a syndicated cartoonist is hard!

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