Frigid Friends


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(To make it bigger, touch a snowman’s stick.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Snowvictims.

In most parts of the U.S.A. it isn’t snowy yet, but I like the simple sweetness of this gag and I’ve been holding onto it for months so just pretend you live in Minnesota or deepest, darkest Canada. Or be thankful you don’t, depending on your climate preferences. Me, I’m happy I’m here in Southern California where snow is something you snort, not trudge through.

I like the title panel for this one, too. The possibilities for snowman gags are just endless, as Bill Watterson once proved, and endlessly fun to draw, too.

PICKLED JAZZ: Today’s golden oldie from 2005 is one of my favorite snowman gags ever. I like how the punch line isn’t spelled out and one must think for a moment to come to the dark truth behind the story. Chilling, isn’t it?Bz 12-28-05 SnowmenWEB




53 thoughts on “Frigid Friends

  1. I’ve got to say, I’ve been thinking of ordering a couple of sets of holiday cards from CafePress featuring today’s “sponsor”. May have to now.

    The Romantic Partner, early in the relationship, swore that it never snows in his hometown, so this delicate SoCal flower agreed to spend the holidays with his family, only to be greeted with the Worst Ice Storm in 20 years. Snow is lovely — in pictures.

  2. Oh, the snow people with their long sticks are awesome. That would make a great Christmas card :-)

    BTW, we do get plenty of snow in So Cal, it’s just that you get to choose when to visit it up in the mountains. I still recall one fine spring day in my yoot when we skied Big Bear all morning and into the afternoon then came down, rested up a bit then headed out to a nighttime beach party. *sigh* Good times … good times.

  3. It’s great how the campfire cartoon doesn’t even need a description (like another one of yours, where a gang of clowns are waiting for their tiny elevator alongside a normal-ish man waiting for his normal elevator)!

    Also, I’ll never think of snowmen the same again. Drat.

  4. So, there’s gots to be a deeper, darker & hopefully more sinister train of thot here because I’m stumped. Here’s what stumps me:

    What do snowpeople do with roasted marshmallows?

    Oh, please let it be dirty! Pretty puh-lease?!?! The food fetishist in me is just DYING to know!

    {And please let it not be some snack cake with a marshmallow coating.}

  5. Thanks Dan!

    Yes, we are up here in the woods of Wisconsin, and this is a bleak reminder for the months ahead.

    We’ve already had snow, BTW!

  6. Along the lines of the holidays and snowmen, can you post the one you did long ago that had nutcrackers talking to each other? One was saying he gives the nuts a little lick. It’s my favorite and I lost it (I had cut it out of The Plain Dealer many years ago).

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  9. Hello Mr. Piraro, I love your comics and I read Bizarro (along with Mutts! -irreverent) everyday. Your comics are a huge inspiration to me and every other jazz pickle and just your blog posts make me die in laughter. I’m only 17 and started doing the comic for our high school newspaper, its once a few weeks. Do you have any pointers for me or anyone that reads this? I wan’t to become a cartoonist someday :)

  10. Excuse me for being dim and tardy, but I’ve been thinking about the bottom cartoon from 2005 for two days now, and I don’t get it! Dan, have mercy and explain this gag to me!!

    • The snowmen used their noses to stab the other one to death. I don’t know why, exactly. Perhaps it was an argument among friends that got out of hand. We may never know.

  11. I thought the snowmen in the bottom cartoon had just caught a little winter “cold,” with the downed snowman being the victim of a trio of sneezes.

  12. Have you ever seen the Christmas cartoon ‘The Snowman’ based on the book of the same name? David Bowie narrates, gorgeous artwork and a great scene with snowmen dancing around a campfire in the middle of the forest (!) Can’t forget the high-pitched tune sung by the boy-soloist. A 1/2 cartoon I think you’d like (wonder if it’s on You Tube?)

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