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(Want bigger pirates? Click on the the shirtless pirate’s nipple ring.)

Bizarro is brought to you by Spiritual Advice for the Ages.

Happy Sunday After Thanksgiving, Jazz Pickles! Did you eat a lot of food on Thursday? Did you watch football? Did you take a nap? Did you drink lots of mead and get light headed? Did you wake up behind a dumpster in Baltimore with cranberry sauce stains on your tuxedo?

For my foreign readers who are not familiar with American Thanksgiving, the aforementioned activities are all Thanksgiving traditions rich with historical something-or-other. Other American Thanksgiving traditions include old men dressing up as clowns and breaking into the bedrooms of children they don’t know as they sleep. The sound of the children screaming is said to resemble the cry of the wild turkey as it hunts for small rodents at night. God, I love this time of year.

The picture below is my own version of the Thanksgiving Child Scaring Costume of old. I hope you like it.DanWrestlingMask






Today’s cartoon is the brain fetus of my good friend, Cliff Harris the King of Worldplay. He plays with words, he is a king, what more can I say?





33 thoughts on “Gobble Gone By

    • I’m a big fan of the crown of power, probably because it showcases my initial. All of my initials are “R,” so I’m “RRR,” particularly appropriate in a comic about pirates.

      I’d like to see it more, but this is, of course, up to our Supreme Poo-bah-ness.

  1. Last night we had a small party for friends and one couple described a woodpecker problem they were having on the side of their house. They looked into it, and said there were three reasons a woodpecker pecks. 1: It is looking for food. 2. It is marking its territory. And 3: It is looking for housing.

    This made me think of providing it a home. (gag idea omitted by Grand Imperial Exalted Jazz Poobah.)

    This visual made us all laugh silly for a few moments, and I thought about Bizarro. Oh Supreme P00h-Ba Pickle Master (sorry, I forget the whole title), perhaps you can make something of this idea. We sure thought it was funny – but there was alcohol!

    • This is a fun idea, Scoakat, so I’ll take it under advisement. I’m drunk now, too, of course, so I might be laughing for the same reason you and your friends were so I’ll wait till I sober up and have another look. Thanks!

      • Hello, pedantic lurker here. The bird giving problems on the side of Skoacat’s friend’s house is undoubtedly a flicker (they cause all manner of problems on the side of my house, too). But the only reason flickers peck on the side of a house is to mark their territory and communicate that fact to other flickers. They are not looking for food or housing. So maybe you will have to modify the gag. Or not.

        BTW, I’m sober right now.

      • Shiver me timbers and yo-ho-ho! Your translation made me giggle harder than the gag might have!

        PS: Still not knowing what a “swashbuckling sign” looks like or where you’d find it on a ship (was “Schadenfreud” the hint?), I’m at least enjoying imagining pirates hijacking a plane and looking and acting like their counterparts on the ocean now (you better not know how to unbuckle your seatbelt when they ask you to walk the plank! Unless you have a parachute, of course!). Maybe they’d have a Jolly Roger sign on the plane? — Ah, so much fun to envision!

  2. That perspective, real neat. You’re probably spoilt for choice when deciding which angle to draw from!

    The costume’s not that scary :) Mugger-like.

  3. Okay since you have beaten the icon-ic horse into the ground, now for something completely different…

    1. You wrote the deceptive hint of, “Click on the the shirtless pirate’s nipple ring.” Uh WHAT nipple ring, unless you mean the one rumored to exist on the chest of the guy standing on the railing, concealed by his right arm?

    2. I almost didn’t recognize Braccio di Ferro making his cameo appearance as a pirate gondolier (I yam what I yam).

    3. Pirate fez? Oh wait… is that the Eighth Doctor? http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/File:8th_Doctor_Fez.png

    SenseiC bows out.

    • 1. That is correct
      2. Yes, that’s him
      3. Not the 8th Doc, but I’m guessing there was at least one pirate in history who wore a fez.

  4. Mo’Vember has ended so now we’re into Decem’Beard.

    Unfortunately, my Mo had to go upon orders from my spouse.

    She said “You don’t see women growing their breasts during breast awareness month do you?'”

    My question to The All-Seeing Exalted Jazz Poobah is…. “Can they do that ??? “

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