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bz panel 12-16-13bz strip 12-16-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Ginger Bread House.



My old buddy, Dan McConnell has been thinking about fish again and in so doing, came up with this gag idea for me. One can’t help feeling sorry for the poor, struggling fish who has been flushed out of the tank, until one realizes it is not a real fish at all, but a drawing made to look like a fish. This is just part of the magic of panel 12-17-13bz strip 12-17-13












My second cartoon today is a collaboration with my pal, Cliff Harris, the King of Wordplay. Here, as is often the case with Cliff, he is playing with words. For those readers not sufficiently familiar with English to decipher the joke, “preposition” and “proposition” are similar words that mean completely different things. In the grammar world, we call these Soundsimilarisms. bz panel 12-18-13bz strip 12-18-13










My third cartoon, today’s, in fact, finds my known associate,Wayno of Pittsburgh, playing with the classic cartoon canonical cliche of a “fly in the soup.” But wait, what’s this? It isn’t a fly at all! Wayno always has clever things to say about our collaborations so go here and see if he disappoints on this one. My guess is he doesn’t.









REZARRO: My moldy corpse from the archive heap today is from ’08, before many of you reading on your smartphones were even born. I humbly admit that I still love this gag. It was directly inspired by the famous Miss Teen USA contestant and her regrettable answer to a supremely difficult question back in 2007. See the short video here.

Feel sorry for her 04-10-08TexasCapitolWEB


34 thoughts on “Various Approaches

  1. They are all great (with the “T” one being one of my all time favorites)! I especially appreciate the cartoon with the German friendly text, though. Finally my mom will get to laugh, too!

  2. To bad you couldn’t publish the other version. Not that you need any more objections from the humorless. Hilarious! Keep it up.

  3. Of course, Miss Teen USA is blonde. One should expect such an answer. She’s probably of the same caliber as the blonde who was fired from quality control at the M&M factory because she kept throwing out all the candies with W’s on them.

      • I bet the blondes brought home the 3’s they found to share such novelty with you and the brunettes figured it’s best to keeping the E’s because they’re E-dible!

      • My favorite “blonde” joke is: Why are blonde jokes so short? So that brunettes can remember them. I figure it’s even funnier coming from me, a brunette.

  4. Perhaps you used this one in the past and did not want to repeat, but what about “Waiter, there’s a guy in my soup”? Anyway, keep ’em coming, they make my day.

  5. Loved the preposition cartoon. I generally look at your work early in the morning (over breakfast) without my glasses on so it’s easy to mis-read the text. Spent a good few seconds wondering why the cartoon was funny and then focussed and all was clear.

    By the way, and this is perhaps my odd sense of humour, but it the text is read as pre position it brings the propositioning concept into a completely different focus.

    • I do. I only have original artwork for cartoons that printed before December of 2011, however. After that, I began to draw cartoons directly on computer. My Monday-Saturday cartoons are $450, my Sunday cartoons are $600. All are black and white, the color has always been added electronically.

      Thanks for asking!

    • Feel free to send it to me here. I’ll read it but I won’t post it, so don’t expect to see it show up in the comments section. Thanks, Kirk!

      • Here is my suggestion for a cartoon. It follows up on your penchant for using word games. The two related words that are spelled and pronounced vaguely similarly are: purpose and porpoise. Given your innate creativity, I’m sure that you will be able to devise the basis for a humorous cartoon.

        I am a huge fan of your work. It is vaguely reminiscent of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoon strip. The common denominator is that the material is very much “off the wall.” I derive immense enjoyment from your hugely unconventional way of viewing the world.

        In case you wish to give me credit in your blog, I am located in Denver, Colorado.

        Kirk Maldonado

  6. I’ve just realized that in one of my previous comments I had mistakenly referred Andy Cowan as the King of Wordplay. I feel as if I’ve somewhat sinned as I hate being wrong. And being wrong on record. And being a misinformed JP. I offer my sincerest apologies. The image and title of Cliff Harris has now been repeatedly fed into my brain. And I loved all three cartoons! Thank you.

  7. Thank you for reminding me: “it is not a real fish at all, but a drawing made to look like a fish.” I felt sorry for the fish! I did.

  8. The prepositioning had me ROTFL! The “capital of Texas” one is actually a fairly common sort of clue in crossword puzzles over the past few years. Done with a country, it can also indicate money, so “Capital of France” could be either EURO or EFF.

  9. Don’t forget the University of Nebraska football player who was asked if he knew what the letter “N” on his helmet represented. His reply, “knowledge.”

    (Of course, the “k” is silent, like the “p” in swimming.)

  10. LOL @ the gingerbread house.

    Tumeric or not tumeric. That is the suggestion. I put on my cloves, including my cardamon sweater to go seed my Poppy who has sage advice peppered with cayenedness. We’re all just cumin beings.

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