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bz panel 01-13-14bz strip 01-13-14bz panel 01-14-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Expository Book Titles.

It has come that time in history when I am going to be forced to buy health insurance. Since I work for myself, I’ve no company policy of any kind that I can glom onto, and the only organization I belong to, the National Cartoonists Society, has no policy or discount rates, either. I’ve been without coverage for the past 12 years and have saved tens of thousands of dollars. But those days are gone. I have no idea where to get decent affordable catastrophic insurance and man, do I hate having to give money to the health insurance industry, something I consider to be more malignant than the Mafia. I guess that’s why the first joke posted here resonated with me.








Regarding the second gag, a Jazz Pickle sent me a link to a story stating that back in 1930, the BBC actually did exactly this same thing on their daily news broadcast. Wacky, yes?







BIZARROLD: Today’s blast from the past dates from 2000 and has nothing to do with the themes of the cartoons above. I just came across it in my archives and thought it was funny. I hope you do not violently disagree.bz 11-09-00 mickeyWEB


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    • “Copay” is a health insurance term that refers to the amount of a drug or procedure that your insurance does not cover, so it comes out of your pocket. It doesn’t pertain to booze, of course. That’s the joke.

      • In Canada – a civilized country that cares for its taxpayers – all of whom need health care at some point in their lives – “co-pay” means two insurers are paying for one event. There is usually a prime payer and a secondary payer. WE see that in dental bills for example. So it’s clear why some people – like me – would not get the joke.

  1. The Disney cartoon reminds me of around 1974, when at aged 12 I happened upon a group of boys pulling the tail of Brer Fox outside of New Orleans Square, only to have the said fox turn around and take me to the ground and letting me know if I continued to harass him I was going to get my f’n head torn off. I was misunderstood even then.

  2. …just for your amusement: I am 77 and have lived in the L.A. area since 1959 and have NEVER BEEN INSIDE DISNEYLAND!!…just don’t care to. Have gone to MAGIC MT. twice…I can not stand the congestion and now am incontinent…might pee on Mickey.

  3. I love your stuff, but in today’s post, it wasn’t very clear to me what the gag was.

    If the gag is that the guy at the bar is looking at his tab and calling it a copay (which is very funny), then something else, like maybe the ubiquitous little black book & pen or the little black tray & pen, I guess, would have helped.

    But maybe it’s just me. It’s possible I’m obtuse.

    Regardless, thanks for providing a continuous stream of entertainment for me.



  4. As of this morning, the lead story on the news around here was the Sheriff’s Department going to Justin Beiber’s house. I think that qualifies as no news.

  5. Dear Dan

    I am a long time fan of yours and visit your blog daily (does that make me a jazz pickle? I don’t know). I am not from the States though, or even a country that has English as its native language, and I am afraid I don’t get the first cartoon. If it’s not too much to ask for, would you do me a favor and walk me through it?

    Regards from Denmark, home of vikings and mermaids

    • Although the Affordable Care Act is an abominable compromise that keeps funneling our money into the pockets of insurance executives, it’s still better than the status quo. I suspect that after a few years of bumbling along with the ACA, we’ll eventually elect a Congress that will enact a single-payer plan like the rest of the civilized world, despite the wails and moans of said insurance executives.

      And I was wondering if the Dennis Farina-like character might be a hospital executive, or maybe a doctor.

  6. 1) Re: health insurance, I also haven’t had coverage for many years, pretty much my entire adult life, except for the five years I lived in Canada (it was excellent, and even after the severe cuts they made, it’s excellent. There’s a lot to be said for never seeing a medical bill.) I didn’t know how to begin to decide, and then thought how when I did have a little catastrophe of a broken foot, I went to the hospital I happen to trust. So I looked up their website and sure enough they had a page explaining what they’ll accept for what kind of an individual, in my case only one option, but one was all I needed and it was a great relief.

    2) Dudes. He’s self-medicating. But you knew that.

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