Dance Your Blues Away


bz panel 01-18-14

bz strip 01-18-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Finally! A Sensible Product!

In case you were dead or not yet born during the disco craze, “get down” was a phrase used when a person was dancing with great enthusiasm. Maybe it didn’t even originate with the disco folks, maybe it was fans of funk. I have no idea. But the gag remains the same.

Now that I look at this art, I should’ve put little spots of light all over the walls as they reflect the lamp by the shrink. Damn. Now I hate myself again. And I was doing so well today.








REGURGITATED PICKLE: Here’s an odd one from 1997. I can’t say it’s exactly funny, but I appear to have put a lot of thought into it so I hope it amuses in some small way. I used to get into these chart/diagram-style cartoons from time to time but haven’t done one in a while. I thought maybe you’d like to see it. Gosh, I hope I wasn’t 10-02-97 middleClassWEB




12 thoughts on “Dance Your Blues Away

  1. Seventeen years later and that “Anatomy of the Middle Class” is as relevant as ever. It’s also as funny as ever! The only thing to add is the texting thumb. Love it!

  2. As far as I was concerned, the only excuse for the 1970s novelty record “Disco Duck” was the line: “get down with/from the Disco Duck!”

  3. Wow…brilliant play on words aside, you had me at…the “look” on

    dude’s face…priceless!


  4. The paper I saw Dance Your Blues Away in cut off the top so one couldn’t see the the mirror-ball. I had faith it was there though – all that line work.

    • I think your paper is using the strip version, as opposed to the panel version I posted here. I had to cut out the ball for the strip version but alluded to it in the dialogue balloon.

  5. First, let me say I am a born-again christian who enjoys your comics. I don’t get offended I laugh at them! After all God created laughter! He despises “religion” and traditions of men.. read the Bible!

    Secondly, I am commenting on a comic that was printed on January 10, 2014. What made me comment is the fact that it was so true and yet so misunderstood. The addiction implied in your cartoon has the same affect on the brain as a heroin addiction, and yet it is accepted and used by media for selling products, and entertainment. This addiction creates severe social anxiety which can lead to incorrect medication, suicidal tendencies, anger and a distorted view of reality and much more. It’s awful.

    A Christian can accept a drug addict but say you have a porn addiction, and you are put to shame… read about King David! Nothing new under the sun, we have just made it worse. Women need to learn how visual men are and how to help them out of this cycle. It is a VERY damaging addiction. Visit “Your Brain on Porn”

    Didn’t mean to damper your spirits, but your comic on Jan 10 smacked me into the reality of how powerful that crap is!

    Keep writing!

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  7. Dan: The label image that you utilized for your link, “Finally! A Sensible Product!” had me laughing for quite some time. I utilized Google to learn more about the product. The first link provides a history of the product in the bottle…. and the second link indicates that the product had very little value for patients who were not infected with Malaria. HTTP ://WWW.HEALTH-SCIENCE-DEGREE.COM/CATEGORY/DUBIOUS-MEDICINE/

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