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bz panel 02-06-14bz strip 02-06-14Bizarro is brought to you today by How to Dress When Meeting the Prime Minister of Canada.


I really love this gag and wish I’d written it. It actually came from my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. He can be a very clever man when properly medicated. It’s been in my cartoon bullpen warming up for months but I saved it until Chinese New Year, in case any of my readers have any idea when that is. (I had to look it up.)

Yes, it will likely only appeal to readers who remember the days when most people routinely paid for goods and services with a check. During the first few weeks or month of a new year, you’d invariably write the wrong year on your check out of habit. Thank the Interwebs that those days are gone and you can just pay for things electronically now, and have your secret numbers stolen every few months and then have to wait for new secret numbers to arrive from your bank before you could buy anything or have access to cash.

Wayno is really into Chinese New Year and has some interesting things to say about that and this cartoon. Have a look at his expert analysis here, as well as some of his fine art relating to things Chinesey.

Bz PirateDryCleaners 1989 WEBBIZARROVERS: And now, from 1989, just one year after dry cleaners were invented, comes this ancient cartoon of mine about the same. This cartoon appears in my book of pirate cartoons entitled, “Bizarro Buccaneers.”  See if you can find a copy on the web somewhere. It is guaranteed to amuse and keep your coffee table from being stained by drinks.

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38 thoughts on “Clean Fun

  1. Hello there

    I always love your jokes. I’m a Chinese so I can understand where you are coming from. Not sure whether the joke would be more obvious if the shop owner is drawn more ‘Chinese’ like the pirate one?

  2. Dan, seeing the 1989 year on “flashback” cartoon today. I was wondering when you first started doing a daily cartoon. I’ve been following it for years in the Journal-Sentinel here in Milwaukee. But I can’t remember when they first started publishing it. By the way, Amazon delivered my copy of “Life Is Strange and So Are You”. Since our paper has never carried the Sunday edition of the strip, it’s been a real treat to be able to read them. I really enjoy the “story behind the toon” like you do now in the blog. Glad to have the book and the chance to read the updates that you do on online. Thanks for all you do!

  3. When the credit card company and bank calls and asks “Did you make a purchase in Japan today?” or tells you someone paid their court fees in Canada with your debit card (both actually happened) it makes one nostalgic for old time robbers.

    • I agree. That shit happens to me every couple of months. I’ve tried to cut back on my use of cards anywhere, but it seems to have no effect.

  4. Your ‘Living like a cat’ song is cool. You’ve masterfully infused your vocals with essence of cat, and I really like the lead guitar as well

  5. I have the Bizarro Buccaneers and I’ve long thought pirates would have more problems with sewing up damage from hook hands and peg legs…

    And you deserve an extra attaboy for NOT making the Cleaning proprietor stereotypically Chinese, in spite of the temptation involved with the Chinese New Year association.

  6. I think a better question, given the worldwide recognizability of the two figures, would be “Why is that dude so overdressed to meet Justin?”

  7. Love the cartoon and specifically the drawing of the elliptic shop owner. Any significance for the missing exclamation point on the strip version?

  8. “And now, from 1989, just one year after dry cleaners were invented” – Hmmmm.

    Is the drycleaner in the Parrot Pic smoking, or is that a crease on the item behind him? If he IS smoking, that would explain the Great Mall Explosion of 1989.

  9. Contrary to your assertion, dry cleaners were NOT invented in 1988. They evolved from wet cleaners created in the reign of King Noah D’Arc, way, way B.D.C.E. . . .

    • Don’t listen to Foye!!!

      I mean honestly. If they evolved, then why are there still wet cleaners masquerading as car warshes & carpet cleaners? Dontcha know that dry cleaners were created by the Lawdy She-sus Almighty. I think that was on the Laundry Day, shortly after the 14th day of creation when Shesus got tired of picking up from the pro-creation mess.

      ; )

  10. No iTunes, no Amazon, no Spotify: I’ll listen to No Big thing on Google Play – it’s there as well. I bought it but will listen on monday when I’m on the job. Should it keep me active?

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  12. Here’s my idea for a cartoon. I heard the phrase “cardinal sin” recently and I immediately thought of a cartoon that you created somehow depicting a cardinal (as in a bird) sinning. How would you depict that? That’s why you’re the artist! By the way, I love your work.

    • I figured out how it could be conveyed. A large cardinal bird could be in a confessional booth with the priest listening on the other side of the wall.

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