Bizarro Original Art for Sale


This week finds some


at eBay. It’s one of my favorite gags and has some pretty nifty artwork and a hand-drawn color guide that went to the printer with it. Check it out here––bid often and generously!

The images below are what’s for sale. Go to the eBay page for larger versions with more detail. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Bizarro Original Art for Sale

  1. OMG. Your “Malcontent Moms” band brought back a slew of memories being a PTA (and band) mom for too many years. There were quite a few times when I wished I was a working mom; at least I would have gotten paid in dollars for the thankless work I did. But, no, I chose (with my husband) to be a stay-at-home mom to raise my kids right (yes, they’re college graduates now, but will they get a job in the field in which they studied?). Yeah, biker chick would have been cool.

    To anyone who is volunteering: If there is an event that you can’t get anyone to help you with, just call it off. You should not be manning an event all by yourself, as I did. That is my lesson learned from my years of volunteering. “Oh, but we’ve done that for years; you can’t take that away from the kids!” “Then get your ass in to volunteer.”

    It’s been five years since my last volunteering stint and I don’t miss it a bit. Yes, there were good times, like the appreciation you get from the kids, but dealing with adults (parents and staff) was worse than dealing with six year olds. Yes we did get appreciation awards from the PTA, but I would have so much appreciated more cooperation and help from my fellow parents. Wow. Now I need something to punch.

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