Noah’s Canoe


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My favorite part of this cartoon and the title panel are the drawings. The title panel art is a character I drew in one of my sketchbooks, which are full of strange things that I have no real use for in Bizarro, but I occasionally will use one for a title panel.

Regarding the cartoon, though buildings are among the most tedious things to draw, the fun of drawing a futuristic skyline like this one makes it worth it. I’m also very fond of drawing flying cars, something I used to imagine as a child back in the 60s when we were regularly promised a future like the Jetsons were living on TV. Smart phones and iPads are cool, of course, but they’re not flying cars.

REGURGITATED PICKLE: This cartoon from ’02 has nothing to do with anything above, but I came across it in my archive dungeon and still really like it so I thought I’d share.bizarro 06-09-02 MickeyWEB


36 thoughts on “Noah’s Canoe

  1. Wanted to compliment you on how beautiful the futuristic landscape was on your Noah cartoon. Really got a

    kick out of looking at every building design and the whole composition was awesome! Lets hope newspapers


    D. Magder Detroit, Mi

  2. Have you used “Bizarchive” as a word yet? I keep on trying to come up with neologisms you haven’t thought of yet, but jeez, it’s hard to compete with a world famous cartoonist on this point…

    • Yes, “Bizarrchive” is one of my regulars. When I first decided to include an archive section, I asked my readers for name suggestions, then they voted on the ones submitted. In the end, about two dozen got votes so I alternate from that list. I’m happy to add a new one if you come up with one I like, however. :^}

  3. Poor little alien, flying such a primitive machine when the others are flying the newer deluxe models. Great artwork by the way.

  4. Funny – I liked the idea of living in the Flintstone era AND the Jetsons. I guess you have to try to be satisfied with where life is at in this moment – but keep aspiring to make it better. Your cartoons make me think seriously and laugh hardily, often at the same time.

  5. Gah! As Gunther from Friends, would say, “This is a family place; keep the mouse in the house.” Although why I assumed the MM wore underwear under his lederhosen, I cannot say.

  6. Mass extinctions notwithstanding, it’s refreshing to know that mega corporations will also be extinct by the 29th century. Otherwise I would have expected to see at least one building with a Bunny’s Pie Repair sign on it. Although he is apparently one of the giant balloons in that annual parade that no one can remember the reason for anymore.

        • Well, damn. I can only find six now, too. I’m not sure if it is mislabeled or if I just hid the seventh one really well. Sorry, mate!

        • Okay, I looked again and found 7. From left to right: eyeball on roof, dynamite between buildings, pie hovering over building, “K2” logo on side of building in middle, bunny peaking out from behind balcony, upside-down bird in loops of balcony railing, floating alien above that.

  7. The the local for your cartoon is obviously New York City, and it’s reassuring to know that the Chrysler Building survives into the 29th century.

    But Noah is living in a brick building? I find that hard to believe.

  8. Congratulations on being an answer to a question on Jeopardy last night.

    The catagory was comics, the answer was Bizzaro.


    • No way! That’s so cool. I was the answer on Jeopardy once in the early 2000s, are you sure it wasn’t a rerun? If it was, in fact, a new episode, I’m STOKED!

  9. Sometimes I wondered why I no longer see your post on fb anymore even though I liked your page…

    Anyway someone in fb used your 1-6-11 Edgar Allan Pooh as his cover photo, which I have never seen before

    – love it :D

    • I read about this recently. Apparently, even though 40,000 people have liked my page, only a small percentage of them get my posts in their newsfeed. I suppose it’s a math thing: if everyone got every post from every friend and page they liked, it would overwhelm the planet and we would surely die. Or something like that.

      Thanks for checking back in!

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