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Bizarro is brought to you today by Master Race.


Time to play catch up again. I was out all day yesterday and met one of my comedy idols completely accidentally, which was a huge thrill! My next post will be about that.


For now, let us examine this handful of cartoons from this week. All of them are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t go into a big story here except to say that the one about telephone tech support reminds me of another connection I made once while in a cab in NYC.

When I call tech support from the US, I almost always get someone with an accent from somewhere around India. Meanwhile, most of the cab drivers in NYC have a similar accent and they are ALWAYS talking to someone on their cell phone, with some sort of hands-free, ear device. Could it be that these are the same people I reach for tech support? It’s the perfect way to make extra money while working another job. Something to think about.





















PAZZ JICKLES: My offering from the archival sewer tunnels today is from 1996. I like this gag because it takes a moment to compute. If you’re having trouble with it, just play the old “what’s different about these two pictures” game.



17 thoughts on “Paint Sniff Click Sneak

  1. That looks just like my room, except I don’t play guitar. But if you look at my room the long way, you will see my Crown of Power poster.

  2. The loss of a functioning anal gland in dogs is a social disaster. It provides the signature scent.

    Incidentally dog catalogs list a product you can add to the diet that “gives feces an unpleasant taste.”

    • My own dog, Jemima, is a poop eater and I asked my vet about it. She gave me a sample of that stuff to try. My first question, of course, was “How is it possible to make poop taste worse?” (I was basing that on my intuition, not personal experience.)

  3. When I saw your beach painting cartoon in the paper, it reminded me of an all-time favorite Gahan Wilson cartoon. This would have beeen 50 years ago, when I was 12 years old, reading my father’s “Playboy” under the covers, late at night. (Even at that young age, I only read “Playboy” for the articles and cartoons of course.) There was a full page color Gahan Wilson cartoon, depicting a sandy beach with picturesque rounded green outcroppings scattered about in the water. On the beach was an artist’s easel with a painting of that scene. The artist’s palette and brushes are on the ground, and the artist is no where to be seen. I studied the cartoon long and hard, trying to figure out what the gag was. That’s no doubt why my laughter was explosive when I finally got it — in the painting were two closely spaced green mounds that were not in the scene. And it was clear when you looked closely that these were the well camouflaged eyes of some ferocious creature, watching the painter. (I unfortunately woke my father in the next room.) So your blog was doubly delicious with the coincidence of a similar gag in your old dentist office cartoon.

    The Tech Support cartoon also hit close to home. I was assigned to some shifts at the university’s Help Desk call center during the busy start of the semester. I was ill-equipped for the task since I was an expert on Unix, but virtually all the calls were about Windows. While I would struggle on the provided Windows computer, trying to reproduce the caller’s problem, the experienced tech support guy sitting next to me would literally lean back in his chair, with his hands behind his head, and while staring into space, guide the caller through a maze of menus and settings. Fortunately (?) the university’s Call Center was more business-like then your version.

    • Gahan Wilson was a big influence of me, of course. Most of what I saw of his work back then was in National Lampoon, as my dad didn’t have a subscription to Playboy.

  4. what? nobody else commented on The MASTER RACE? love the Ainu features in the hair and face. Revenge of the Chukhpah! if you never heard of us, we populated Japan and the Americas first.

  5. I worked tech support for a small ISP back in college. I worked the late shift. I had a cell phone (this was the late ’90s). I’m sorry to say, yes…. that tech support cartoon is pretty accurate for my small piece of the Internet then.

    Though when I worked the day shift, I did go to the office. I perfected my doodling then. I had shoes and jeans with my artwork, all drawn while talking to “uninformed” clients.

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