Fear Fear Mob


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In spite of the look of this cartoon, it actually has nothing to do with politics. I’m not making a comment about Republicans here, only using their logo because it is an elephant and peanuts would logically be afraid of elephants. Any botanist will tell you that peanuts are known for their logic. I stay away from politics much more these days than I used to because it’s such a disheartening subject.









On a more intellectual level of humor, this one about underwear still tickles me.












BIZARRCHIVES: bz 07-03-98 torchWEBSince the Olympics were just last month and I didn’t think to post this cartoon then, how about now?


9 thoughts on “Fear Fear Mob

  1. Interesting because although peanuts should be afraid of elephants, the spats and monocle and top hat imply wealth, and weathy people usually endorse and support the “Elephant Party” However the converse could be true. The Elephant Party now seems to be wallowing in tea leaf predictions,

    which might make the wealthy nervous as illustrated here.

    • Since the whole point of the cartoon is that the peanut is afraid of elephants eating him, your alternative idea suggests there’s a reason why this man gets paid to cartoon and you do not (one hopes).

  2. From: Stan

    Date: March 8, 2014 at 8:30:16

    Hey Dan,

    Re 3-8-14

    I took this picture at Tattoo Museum in Fort Bragg a few years ago!

    Stan (and Patti Breitman) Patti’s new book Never Too Late to Go Vegan just out.

    Sent from somewhere enroute to somewhere.

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