Drunken Veggies


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As a vegan, I enjoy a good salad bar from time to time, though I don’t frequent them. They are pretty boring, for sure. For some reason, the idea of what it would take to be a really amazing salad bar popped into my mind and this joke followed shortly thereafter. I’m very happy with the way the veggie characters turned out in the drawing. Also, along with having NINE secret symbols hidden therein, there is a Jazz Pickle, too, which isn’t one of my official symbols. Give yourself 75 bonus points if you find all nine, plus the pickle.

Bizarro 03-08-98 bulletsWEBBIZARRO BASEMENT: Here, from 1998, is a fun look at the history of gun control. I’ve always enjoyed Chris Rock’s famous notion about gun control, that we shouldn’t outlaw guns but instead, make bullets really expensive. He went on to say that if bullets cost $5,000 apiece, there would be no innocent bystanders. I don’t remember if he said that before or after this cartoon was published––and they are two different premises, of course––but I wrote this cartoon as a satire of the NRA bumper sticker: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.



28 thoughts on “Drunken Veggies

  1. Rock’s notion would not work. Annual ammo production is about 14 billion rounds. You could try to ban bullets, but you would just interfere with lawful use, and not make bullets that expensive.

  2. Oooh, sexy tomato. I’d like to squeeze that one.

    btw, I found the 9 symbols, but I’m wondering about a possible 10th – the shoe on the green pepper. It looks a lot like the lost loafer, but I guess it isn’t truly lost if it’s on someone.

  3. ≈ Oh great, now I feel guiltily cannibalistic.

    I see that it’s a smoking salad bar. Cue the “a jalapeño walked into a bar” jokes (it walked out as a chipotle).

  4. Really great detail on your veggie bar. All the extra details like the picture of salad tongs on the wall make this a comic you have to linger over. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful artwork all around (digital art student wife admired today’s entry). Are those seed packets in the hallway to the “dressing room?” They can’t be too lively in the bar because otherwise they’d get tossed.

    The highway robbers are like early Elmore Leonard crooks. They had an axe obviously but don’t threaten with that.

      • Mum’s the word, but the intention seems to be they are really dumb at their job, so it’s fitting.

        I hope “Stripped” plays around town. It looks good and interesting. I have a very long list of well-reviewed movies that played in limited or exclusive release and disappeared.

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  7. hey dan – another great detailed delight. just took a look at this panel in the sunday LA TIMES. their color reproduction is unbelievably muddy… nearly impossible to see what the heck is going on! such a sharp contrast to the bright, vibrant digital version. just another nail in the newsprint coffin. (i know printing varies… hopefully all that sunday’s copies weren’t as bad as mine)

    • Thanks for the compliment, DC. Part of the problem is mine; I haven’t looked at comics in an actual newspaper for quite a long time and I often lighten the print version specifically because newspaper printing isn’t as good as books, magazines, or online images. I didn’t do that this time and should have. Doh!

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