French Ape Bird Billy


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The first two cartoons shown here are some fun wordplay. The “Miss France” cartoon is reminiscent of some of the gags I’ve heard regarding the “Free Tibet” movement, wherein someone adds “with every purchase” to the end. I love that kind of gag.





The Planet of the Apes variation is another gag I really love and it was tons of fun to draw. I love primates and often include them in my oil paintings, as well. So much more like us than not like us.












I’ve done a few other bird vomit cartoons over the years. Here’s my favorite. For readers who may not know, birds eat worms, then regurgitate them into the mouths of their young when they’re too young to eat on their own.








DEJA VIEW: Today I set the Way Back Machine to 1996 and found this lampoon of a “Family Circus” cartoon which I thought you might find amusing. The creator of “Family Circus,” Bil Keane, enjoyed it, as he did most spoofs of his iconic comic.


24 thoughts on “French Ape Bird Billy

  1. Someone as religiously devoted as you would like the hockey version of the Free Tibet gag, which goes: “Jesus saves! Rebound! Crosby scores!!” The name of the player scoring on poor Jesus the hapless goalie changes but the laughs don’t.

  2. I cracked up from the bird at the psychiatrist’s office. I loved it! Thank you for a nice chuckle to get me through the day at work!

  3. I Love the Family Circus lampoon.

    This raises the question: Would it be possible to lampoon National Lampoon, perhaps creating some kind of meta-lampoon?

  4. Wow Dan, you’ve been on a roll lately. Planetarium of the Apes is another classic as far as I’m concerned. This is a case where the vertical panel works much better. I also appreciate how you subtly show your distain for the consumption of meat products in the Miss France gag with “Turkey Corpse”.

  5. Love them all, but I thought I’d volunteer to be ass of the day and point out that baboons (2nd from right in the planetarium) are not apes.

    • Yeah, I know, but I wanted to draw a baboon.I’m usually the one being an ass and pointing out the difference between apes and monkeys, so it’s nice to meet another one. :^}

  6. Your regurgitation cartoon was featured today in Mike Peterson’s ComicStripOfTheDay, which actually shows and comments on several comics he likes (NOT a Curmudgeon), and in your case, just because there was another regurgitation cartoon he could show in “Juxtaposition of the Day”. Still, it’s nice to get recognized by the best commentator (IMO) in the subcategory. The last time he featured Bizzaro was your August 2012 Twitter gag, but I don’t hold that against him.

    Oh, I also saw you in another preview of the”Stripped” documentary, which I supported in its Kickstarter a million web-years ago and have patiently waited for my DVD ever since. You’re the most recognizable “famous comicstripper” in the clips, but just because Lynn Johnston shaved her beard a long time ago.

  7. In case no one has mentioned it, you might enjoy Mr Peabody and Sherman and the original WABAC machine at the flicks. My wife and I laughed our collective posteriors off this week. Of course at 75 +, we remember the original series with moose and squirrel. Just started into Kliban, with and without cats. Is there a tiny bit of influence from there or just my warped imagination. I’m one of those who still sings Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg at the drop of a hat. Oops! That was another comedy duo. Keep up the wit and I’ll die laughing. Thanks for the blog. Jack

    • I first ran across Kliban’s work when I was in college in ’76. He is the reason I became a cartoonist. I remember moose and squirrel, too, of course. Such a great show that was.

  8. Holy Neanderthal-man boobs!

    Do you draw from completely draw from memory (total “mammary” joke in there), but

    completely serious?

    • That’s some fancy typing there, Sam. Indeed. I draw most things from memory but look up reference for things like the apes. I could draw relatively convincing apes of various kinds but I wanted these to look very specific and realistic.

  9. Spotted on a T-shirt years ago: FREE THE INDY 500!

    Then there was the campaign that would have us Drink Canada Dry. That’s a project.

    And graffiti spotted back in the days of Cold War I: SAVE SOVIET JEWS!

    Under which someone had added: WIN VALUABLE PRIZES!

  10. I enjoyed Mr. Peabody on Rocky and Bullwinkle, back in the Stone(d) Age. Having only heard, not seen, the name of his time machine, I always thought it was the Wayback Machine. Now that I’ve seen the new movie, I see it’s the WABAC Machine.

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