Moody Warning Congrats Burial


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Learn to Count!

I got an angry comment from a reader about this Hulk cartoon, accusing me of “perpetuating stigma about mental illness.” I apologized for upsetting her but pointed out that the absurdity of this cartoon is enough to prevent people from taking it seriously enough to form opinions about sufferers of bipolar disorder. I’ve several friends and family members with this disorder and I’ve suffered from severe depression my entire adult life (controlled now by meds) so I fully understand both the seriousness and the stigma. If anyone else was offended, please don’t turn green and bust out of your clothes over it.





When this gag about dogs and cats came to me, I couldn’t believe there weren’t already commercially-available signs like this for cats, but after consulting the Google God, I came up empty handed. Here’s a chance for some of you entrepreneurial types.










I wrote this gag about pro wrestlers out of my continued amazement at how many fans this sport has who still believe it is a “real” sport. People can be so strange. I included the strip version so you could have a gander at The Periwinkle Badger, my personal favorite “wrestler”.









bz 09-06-96 psychic funeralWEB


BIZARRO BOOMERANG: This charming cartoon from 1996 is very dark, I admit. For the record, I’m not a big believer in psychic abilities but I don’t wish people dead who are. There is always some chance that the human brain is capable of more things than we can readily understand, but one thing that is absolutely certain is that there are many thousands of charlatans all over the planet who bilk believers out of money with simple psychological tricks.



37 thoughts on “Moody Warning Congrats Burial

  1. *sigh*

    I can think of lots of things more ridiculous than believing wrestling is legitimate competitive sport. For example, believing that wrestlers never get injured. Or that Barack Obama is anything other than the worst president ever.

    • Obviously, wrestlers get injured, but not in the way they claim to onstage. I disagree with your assessment of Obama and so will historians, but I’m guessing you knew that.

      • Thanks Dan! (On Obama)

        Any chance you could do a few cartoons on the ever widening, ever more virulent divisions in this country? I have a niece and a cousin who are off the chart tea folk. Half the time their FB posts are nice everyday cuddly fun stuff and half the time the they make me want to pull my hair out!

        It would be nice to have this cultural clash near catastrophe shown from a kinder gentler angle. Rather difficult I would think in only one panel though.

  2. Your “Learn to count” link clearly illustrates the three kinds of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can’t.

  3. ” Dear Mr Smith, following your appointment with Dr Brodie at the hospital, I can confirm that your test results for Bipolar Disorder have come back positive.

    And negative.

  4. Moody: “Everybody knows that…” the Hulk was/is bipolar… would make a Cleverley done GEICO ad…

    Warning: “Everybody knows that…” to beware of growling dog… and, cats are finicky… a good GEICO ad…

    Congrats: “Everybody knows that…” Professional Wrestling is not injurious… another good GEICO ad…

    Burial: “Everybody knows that…” husbands think like that… sure wish I had…

    PS: An entrepreneurial cartoonist would be doing commercials for an insurance company…

    PPS: beware… you’re wearing a T-Shirt with a, lit, stick of dynamite… and, why didn’t the dog eat the pie?… and, why is the cat ignoring the bird?…

  5. Maybe Bruce Banner’s mom had an affair with the Jolly Green Giant. All that nuclear/adrenalin story was just to cover it up. When he’s feeling okay with himself he’s Bruce – when he thinks about all the missed Father/Son picnics he definitely doesn’t feel jolly. Hopefully Bruce won’t read this ’cause he might get angry. I don’t want to see him when he’s angry.

  6. You are tops! Looking for the pie and the upside down bird rank high in my pleasant pastime category. Bi-polar Hulk is brilliant and hilarious! But each of these three are marvelously funny. Thanks ever so much. By the by, I agree with you about Obama. JET

  7. You wrote: “When this gag about dogs and cats came to me, I couldn’t believer …” –Typo (“believe”, not “believer”)! — Where is your ProofNinja when you need her?

    • Thanks for the correction, Micheal. I’ll fix it now. That damn ProofNinja is off in the shadows somewhere, I guess.

      • ProofNinja will charge you an extra dollar for that “Micheal” — unless you can prove you wrote my name that way for irony’s sake!

        • Arrgh! I’m a touch-typist and my fingers naturally do that with “Michael” EVERY time. I usually catch it and correct it. :^}

  8. Periwinkle Badger…the best!

    Being from Wisconsin, this makes it even funnier!

    How was Premiere night? Kinda feel like your “comet” is just rising and rising!

  9. Beware of dog. Growing up, we had a neighbor who posted a sign regarding his german shepherd named Nancy Ann. My mom didn’t think that sweet dog deserved such a sign (I didn’t agree with her assessment by the way.) so she artistically painted and posted her own sign “beware of dandelions and pussy willows” since her weeds were just as ferocious as the neighbor dog.

  10. I wonder if the Thurber former wife on the bookcase cartoon was an influence on furniture choice.

    “That’s my first wife up there, and this is the present Mrs. Harris.”

  11. Back in the 90s the company paper featured somebody participating in the Manic-Depressive March Across America. Many photographs.

    They apparently started out in high spirits, but we never heard anything more about it.

  12. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a US citizen. Were this a history blog, or if you had posted something relevant to politics, I’d comment in detail about Presidents Harding and Buchanan, but let it past.

    Pro Wrestling is active theatre.

    The Blue Badger is the mascot of the Los Angeles police department. Is the Periwinkle Badger a reference to this?

    • I wasn’t aware that The Blue Badger was the mascot of the LAPD. I just made up Periwinkle Badger off the top of my head because I thought it was funny.

  13. About “Learn to count”…..just possibly the THIRD woman was the one they were both thinking about as they embraced each other…

  14. Years ago, there was a place in Orange County, CA, called Lion Country Safari that had a “beware of…” sign that *did* pertain to cats. It read:


    Private Property

    Trespassers Will Be Eaten!”

  15. I understand the need to reference a not unheard of mental illness in Bipolar Disorder which affects over 5 million adults in America, because the joke depends on knowing something of the manic and depressive extremes as compared to the Jekyl and Hyde extremes experienced by Banner and Hulk… I understand the need to refer to him as Mr. Banner instead of Dr. Banner in the doctor’s word balloon… I understand streamlining humor for the best impact on the most people… I get the joke and in no way take it personally even as I have suffered for 27 years now with Bipolar Disorder… I know this would alter the joke and only better it by possibly enlightening a few people, but, Banner more accurately suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder:

  16. I know it’s been a few weeks since you printed the comic “The Truth about Tech Support” but I am STILL laughing. Why? Because that is my son! The comic looks like you stood in his doorway and drew his room and him on the phone. I look at it every day and I can’t help but laugh. Thank you for making the world a happier place.

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