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Bizarro 04-13-14 hedrBizarro 04-13-14 WEBonetip-300x278Bizarro is brought to you today by Truth in Advertising.

If you’ve been loitering on the Interwebs recently, you’ve likely noticed a ton of these badly written and drawn ads for “1 weird trick” to do everything from reducing your belly fat to building muscle to learning a foreign language. As painful as it was for me to draw and write in that style, here are a few of my own suggestions of weird tricks. Follow them at your own risk. (Kids under 18: Ask your parents before chopping off body parts, being imprisoned in a foreign country, or playing with poisonous snakes.)



Here, of course, is an example of one of these ads from the web.



OLD BIZNESS: This moldy cartoon from 1997 is along the same lines as these ads in that it illustrates an ancient form of the not-what-it-seems aspect of this kind of advertising. The coloring is gross and clumsy because it is from a time before I could do my own coloring in Photoshop. Back then I had to guess at the CMYK percentages and hope for the best. Ugh!Bizarro 0419-97 Genie WEB


31 thoughts on “1 Weird Trick

  1. It must have very painful to draw those cartoons, although they are so funny! Credit to you that you could draw those images so well.

  2. Dear Mr. Piraro,

    I thought your guesses at the CMYK percentages were delightfully and subtly off – not enough to be grating, but contributed to a nice otherworldly presentation, and entirely appropriate under the circumstances.

    Thanks for all the great cartoons!


  3. The coloring isn’t so bad, if the guy and genie are on Mars.

    As for the one-trick ads, has anyone here actually clicked on one? Probably not, because jazz pickles are too smart to fall for that.

  4. There’s also the one weird trick to learning a foreign language where they use a photo of a woman with large boobs. I guess I’m supposed to learn how to say “Hola” to her!

      • In this vane you might like a book called “Crazy English.” Some things about it make one wonder how we ever grasped even the basics and it shows how difficult it might be as a second language. Some quirky things in there too, like a sentence that means the same thing in reverse, but in Latin. And the word “with”- means for and against. Nuts. We fought with Germany in WWII. We fought with England too, but against Germany. Ever been underwater? I doubt it. You’d be in the dirt. You may have been IN the water. We park in a driveway and drive on a parkway. And so on.

  5. Looking at the “soap” box, I wanted to ask, do you ever use Illustrator or other apps to generate parts of the images? Not that you can’t hand-draw circles or fonts in perspective, but I would think it would be a time-saver to do it electronically…

    • I draw my cartoons in Photoshop these days and I do use a few computer tricks. I often start with a font, put it into perspective, then trace it by hand so it looks like the rest of the cartoon. It’s a huge time saver.

    • Ignoring them is the only thing that will ever work. Unfortunately, millions of people click on those things every day and that’s why they’ve become so successful.(I read an article about them when I was researching this gag.) Most people are not as bright as my Jazz Pickles!

  6. I attempted to use Google Translate on my rendering of the phrase that one prisoner is saying to the other. “Yrzby! Alfrt abk mextlurja.” Was that what the one prisoner was saying? (Google translate did not help me to understand the phrase.) :-(

    • The foreign phrase translates thus, “We will let you out when you apologize for unleashing McDonalds onto the rest of the world.”

  7. We also appreciated your header cartoon for today’s blog entry. The Jazz Pickles among us appreciate that the weight of the box of Ultra Bizarro Cartoons was K2 kilograms. [I had to use the Dan Piraro Magnifier(TM) to discern this.]

  8. One weird trick to avoid all the bull delivered by those lame “weird trick” ads,…..don’t click on ’em. Isn’t that WEIRD?

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