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As funny cartoons about dogs go, I think this one holds its own. What’s funnier than a dog trying to fly? As I write this, I’m pondering whether I’d rather have a dog that can fly or one that just stands up and flaps his arms. I think the latter would be more fun, although the former would be more lucrative.







Cartoon number two this week, is an angle on the somewhat cliche doctor’s line, about which more than a few cartoons have been done. I ran it on April 15th because that’s tax day in the U.S. and many people wish they were dead.










Wednesday’s cartoon is a fun riff on aging. This idea was a collaboration with my good buddy, Andy Cowan, former writer for Seinfeld, Cheers, 3rd Rock from the Sun and a bunch of other stuff. Andy dates a lot so this topic is a fave of his, and both of us are over 50, so we aren’t keen to divulge our ages unless held at gunpoint.  When Andy first sent me this gag I laughed out loud because I have often quoted my own age this way. (Though never in an attempt to pick up a younger woman.) When I turned forty, I called it thirty-ten for a few months. Then I got over it and used the traditional number for the rest of that decade. When I turned fifty, I started it again with forty-ten.

Since at least one of the dozen-or-so people reading this right now is pointing a gun at the screen, I’ll tell you that I’m currently forty-fifteen. bz 04-30-96 head transplantWEB


PREZARROS: For dessert today, here’s a cartoon from 1996 in which I present an idea that I like even more now than I did then. I love everything about getting older except what it is doing to my body. If only my brain could appropriate the body of some useless young person who will never contribute to the planet in any way. It can’t be that hard to find one.


26 thoughts on “Flying Dead Geezer Brain

  1. Re: appropriating body of much younger person to contain your brain, may I suggest securing a large seed pod and placing it under the desired one’s bed…

    And let me know how that works out as I’m also looking for same…Thank you!

  2. The dating cartoon where the guy ‘lies’ about his age reminded me of a very tall friend of mine. If anyone asked how tall she was, she would reply “I’m 5 feet 13 & a half inches”.

  3. The Airdale thing took me a sec, which always makes me happy, and then i laughed really hard. I’m a big time dog person, so I’ve had this conversion a lot. Sometimes it looks a lot like that. :-)

  4. Loved the book cover link. Here’s something related you might enjoy, a Youtube video of the female duo “Uncle Bonsai” doing a live performance of Penis Envy. While not vulgar, it may not be appropriate for work, so you can also just read the lyrics. But the performance is highly recommended.

  5. As the owner of a bouncy young Samoyed that is frequently airborne (he tries, anyway), this made me cackle. Thanks!

  6. I love the titles of your blog posts. Usually, it’s obvious that each word in the title describes a different cartoon.

    Not this time, though. When I read “Flying Dead Geezer Brain” I was like “Yeah! This cartoon sounds fun!” :D

  7. Dan – perhaps, in future dating adventures, you might fake a French accent, and say that you are ‘quatre vingt’. Four times a twenty year old. You can claim that you are four times as good as a twenty year old. Of course, that means eighty in French, so if you think she doesn’t know any better, say ‘quatre dix”, which they don’t say, but it means forty. Sounds sophisticated and sexy to say anything in French, after all…

  8. For some reason, I have a high need to see the dog at the end of the leash going up into the sky. I understood the concept, but if the dog on the ground can flap his front paws, the dog on the leash one ups!

  9. Sort-of related to flying airdales:

    about 20 years ago (when I was in my twenty-tens), during a typical SoCal xmas season (sunny, 70 degrees), there were two of the most happy dogs I’d ever seen: two airdales, riding in the back of their humans’ top-down convertable, dressed as Santa’s reindeer, with antlers strapped to their heads and grinning like they were really flying.

  10. I used to watch a webseries / podcast called “Cute with Chris” that focused on viewer’s pets & made fun of them – both pets & people! (lol)

    Sometimes viewers would close their letters with their ages as teens.

    So, I’m not 41.

    I’m forty-one-teen!

  11. The coats on the ladies in the first cartoon have the buttons on the wrong side, apparel for females have the buttons on the left, and the apparel for the gentlemen have the buttons on the right. I love the dog with the flapping arms, I have often wished I could flap my own arms and fly away.

  12. I love these kinds of cartoons where drawing facilitate your imagination. Here, you get an inkling of what the pure-bred “Airdale” should look like fluttering around up there, but you can also let your imagination run free on that. Like a horror movie, sometimes seeing less of the subject can deliver a greater effect.

  13. A friend of mine had the line “I’m nearer 40 than 30”. Which, once it’s true, will be so for the rest of your life.

  14. The angel one really threw me. I didn’t snap to the dr/dead patient thing at all. I spent my time

    trying to figure out how a one winged angel fit in the gag. I must be the dullard of all jazz pickles.

  15. If dogs are going to fly, they have to start somewhere. I’m sure we had many aborted attempts to stand upright, or, you know, get a decent Congress.

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