Eggs Duo Sticks Eggs


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My good buddy and known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh, wrote this gag for me because I have restless leg syndrome. My eggs are fine, though. Any way you look at it, this is a good yolk. (As in “joke”. Get it? ahahahahahah)

Wayno’s take on this crazy graphic shenanigan can be found at his blog, here.









I’m super stoked about this takeoff on Grant Wood’s famous “American Gothic” painting. I’m a painter at heart and so when I can do a realistic lampoon of a well-known piece of fine art, I’m having a party.

This one didn’t translate easily to the strip format so I added the closeup view for added looking-at fun.













I also enjoy a good poke at organized religion from time to time, so this stickman preacher gag appeals to me big time. If you’re a stickman, I suppose your biggest fear is that your creator will erase you. I’m anxious to see if I get any flak from fundamentalists who do not believe that humor is part of god’s plan. (And I am well aware that this humorless opinion is not held by ALL fundamentalists.)






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PALEOZARRO: If you’ve not had enough of corny egg puns, here’s another gleaming eggsample from 1997. I hope your day is sunny side up.


15 thoughts on “Eggs Duo Sticks Eggs

  1. Speaking of chickens and such, perhaps you might remember this old barnyard musical via a 78 rpm record album. (9 minutes) Ray Bolger tells the compelling story of inclusion and community. The Churkendoose is a children’s (and adult’s) classic from the late forties and an indelible part of my own childhood. Progressive thought did not start in the sixties.

    If you don’t remember its cause you is too young!

  2. Those are white leghorn roosters.

    One of the eight I inherited. Somebody dropped off eight of them at night, apparently when the absence of eggs dawned on them. We had them around for about 3 years.

    They eat ticks in the summer, and I dropped off a feed mix in the winter.

    They’d roost in a tree by the back fence at night. Hence the name roosters, probably.

    All were eventually killed by an escaped neighbor’s chicken-averse dog, one escape at a time.

    Roosters have suicidal escape strategies. Jump out of the tree and run for it, being the plan.

  3. I’ve been meaning to write and compliment you, but couldn’t find where I put the comic, I saw, until recently. The “Olympic Hide ‘N’ Seek Competition Winners” on 2/9/14 is not only funny as hell but truly genius. To have the imagination to come up with the idea is definitely someone who thinks outside the box. Linking myths as the Loch Ness and Big Foot with Waldo . . . BRILLIANT!

    Keep me laughing!

  4. The stick figure comic is brilliant–absolutely brilliant. The stained glass background of the sacred Hand With Pencil is a great touch that puts me in mind of an Escher print.

    Is there any way to get a print of this comic (possibly signed), or of any of your other comics, for that matter?

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  6. Your wide comics are usually so much better! I only have the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch and it doesn’t even carry Bizzarro so this is my only opportunity to see them. The Dispatch is not even worth the subscription anymore these days. As always, thanks for the blog posts!

  7. I used to be bothered when I saw people taking great art and making fun of it. I used to believe that the great masterpieces should be left alone and appreciated for what they are. But gradually…

    I came to realize that great art invites parody, and that parody is an indicator that something is a masterpiece, timeless for the ages. It’s the result of something having become so iconic, that everyone recognizes it and loves it.

    So go ahead, make a monkey of the Mona Lisa.

  8. What if the creation of the universe (now astrophysicists are talking multi-verses) was an accidental mutation and it was supposed to be better than this? Maybe it was supposed to be a lot easier to get that first date and we were supposed to have all cars from the beginning be Lexus hybrids? The Big Bang might have been The Big Oops and like all my mistakes, the big guy (why a guy?) doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.

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  11. Wayne-O used the phrase “oblivious chicken” in his comparison of his panel with yours, and it’s now stuck in my mind like that song someone wipes off on you in the supermarket. “… oblivious chicken …” Sometimes my brain is just helpless with gentle glee.

    And that good mood reminds me that it’s about time to tell you that I deeply, widely, truly appreciate all the work you do constructing your blog. Not just your panels, but your archives, your text and commentary, your links, the whole shebang. It’s the cream of the crop, shebang-wise. Thank you.

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