Hen Nose Poop Motel


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Jazz Pickle or Zucchini Fanatic?

It’s no secret that the overwhelming majority of psychics are charlatans, but it has been my experience that a desperate chicken will go to any lengths to understand it’s road-crossing behavior. Unfortunately, that particular enduring question of the ages is still unresolved.

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At the end of last week, these two cartoons published under the Bizarro flag. This Hooters lampoon came from the mind of the talented son of my good friend, Cliff Harris King of Wordplay. Together, they make a formidable comedy machine. His boy, Emilio, is a young teenager and seems to be a chip off the old man’s block. Cliff reports that his son came up with this idea after watching a Hooters TV commercial or something. Once he learns the other meaning of “hooters,” he will likely stop thinking of noses.












I quite like this clown cartoon, but then I’m very lowbrow. Your results may vary.











JAZZ PICKLE JAR: From 1998 this cartoon returns like deja vu. I hope you enjoy the surreal layers of this gag as much as I did when I wrote it.bizarro 09-27-98WEB


26 thoughts on “Hen Nose Poop Motel

  1. It can be difficult to be a chicken. Therapy might help.

    (And I see that Olive Oyl is making regular appearances.)

  2. I know you have a long-standing specific set of 10 Bizarro symbols, and the extreme clutter of a psychic’s “office” is an obvious trope, but there are some additional bits of imagery in the Psychic & Chicken comic that I, for one, would like you to consider using further… especially in that lower left corner, the frog with a hat and – is that a tiny cigar? (if he IS something you used before, I apologize for not knowing but please tell me WHERE? WHEN?) and the very-old-style telephone handset and the… is that a false nose or something else? And of course, the brain in the lava lamp – I WANT one of those.

  3. Hi Dan: the deja vu, deja vu made me laugh even more when I read it back to front, and back again.


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  5. Today’s cartoon contains Ms. Oyl’s picture – the second time in recent months that I’ve noticed it – is it one of the secret symbols?

    • Not an official symbol, no. I call my girlfriend Olive Oyl because she is skinny and much taller than I. :^}

      • So I can’t count it to achieve the 10th symbols, eh? Then I hope that’s the fish of humility in the armchair. Thanks for the reply and comics – they’re the best!

  6. Since moving to the Central Coast of California, I have found out about a really fun, and completely real, game called Pickleball. So glad I enjoy it!

  7. I love me some “chicken crossed the road” gags. This is a good one. I like all the little details you included … and the one you didn’t include: “Wrist (not shown)”.

  8. The chicken “joke” is actually quite morbid.

    “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.” The ‘other side’ refers to the afterlife; therefore, the chicken is crossing the road to kill itself. To achieve death (to get to the other side) the chicken plans on committing suicide by getting hit by a car.


    • By the way…all of these were fantastic! Laughed hard at the clown, and “Martha Stewart’s Perfect Seances”. Enjoyed the “hooters” and deja vu too!

  9. The Hooters gag was classic. I always wanted to open up a restaurant for the ladies with male waiters that I was going to call Peckers and our symbol of course was going to be a woodpecker. thanks for the laughs.

    • I love your idea for a restaurant. Although it would probably turn into a gay hangout instead of a ladies hangout. :^}

  10. Why does the picture of the Jazz Pickle / Zucchini Fanatic make me think of the love child between Jar Jar Binks and Darth Maul?

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  12. Chicken/psychic — my new favorite ‘toon!!! Love all the wonderful, wacky details (frog, cupcake, pickle tarot card) but the faces are absolutely Piraro genius. The psychic’s eyes are actually focused on the image inside the ball and her concentration level is absolutely apparent. The dazed and bewildered chicken face makes me feel his fear!

    Brilliant. Just brilliant!

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