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Bizarro is brought to you today by Real Men Sleep in a Suit.


I’m not a big fan of Justin Bieber but that may be because I’m a cranky, old geezer. Or, it could be that  I need more substantive music. Or, it may be that I hate anyone who is rich, famous, and has a full head of hair. Or, it could just be that I am petty and resent him because he did what I could not––become a wealthy, teen-age sex symbol by the age of 15. Such is human nature.








I am, however, a big fan of dogs. Even gangster dogs. When poor little Banjo offered to sneak into the cat door and open the big door for the “cool” dogs, he had no idea he’d be in for a lifetime of servitude to Spike and his gang. WARNING TO YOUNGSTERS: be careful whom you assist in committing a crime. These things have a way of coming back on you like a hungry zombie.

This canine crime crew is a collaboration with the great and almighty Wayno of Pittsburgh.

He has this to say about that.





bz 10-29-99 LuckyDogCatWEB


DEJA VIEW: Here, from 1999, is a dog with a different issue. I sympathize with dogs who feel they are cats trapped in the body of a dog, as well as transgender folks, because I have long felt I am Ryan Gosling trapped in Dan Piraro’s body.


13 thoughts on “Beiber Dogs Dog

  1. Your cartoons are great, as usual.

    Today, I’m especially digging the Real Men Sleep In A Suit image. Born in 1970, I have an image of the 50’s and 60’s (or whenever this advertisement came from) as an incredibly misogynistic time. The woman on her knees, though, holding the food tray up like an offering to a god tops all previous images I have of that time and may stay with me despite my selective memory (or because of it…also because I’m a bit kinky and it’s perverted and kind of hot ;) )

  2. Ha ha, what came to my mind was the scene in the Blues Brothers where they’re getting the band back together.

  3. Justin Beiber fans and Beiber haters are just two VERY large groups… like Dog People and Cat People (and why can’t I hear “Cat People” without getting that David Bowie song stuck in my head?). Also like “Happy” people and “Let It Go” people. There is room in this world for both groups, just no room in the same jukebox. That’s why we have earphones. That, and the constant cord-tangling reminds us how powerless we are. Now, where was I? Why can’t I hear “Justin Beiber” without getting this song (from a cartoon which is older than he is) stuck in my head?

  4. the reason I hate Beiber is because he took talent (he does have some) and opportunity (he was handed the key to the kingdom) and he has squandered it by playing the baggy pants tattoo’d douchebag.

    He makes pot users look bad (pot got me out of a wheelchair and into my wife, so…)….

    He does make Canada and Canadians look bad, tho, so I have to give him points for that.

    I am 45 and have lived in Canada as a Canadian my whole life and they are insufferable….

  5. the “Lucky” panel is hilarious-

    wish i could post it to my fb!!!

    (i am post-op transsexual, living on a tropic island in Thailand)

    LOVE your cartoons, always have for many years

    (the Bkk Post carries Bizarro on Sundays, i paste approx 75% of your Sunday work

    on my kitchen wall)

    keep up the great work!!! (i’m sure you will)


    -jenifer divine

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