Saggy Cat


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Bizarro is brought to you today by More Than One Could Expect.


It’s been over 20 years now that I’ve been expecting the baggy pants fad (or “rodeo clown look”) to fade but I remain unsatisfied. In thinking about this amusing fashion, I wondered if other generations have had similar problems. Voila! A cartoon.





BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: As part of my regular habit of offering vintage cartoons to you, I give you this portrait from 2000 of a woman licking a cat. I hope it pleases you. bizarro 04-23-00 CatGroomerWEB


30 thoughts on “Saggy Cat

  1. Before I saw the mention of “vintage,” I was wondering, “Wha~?? TWO dead fish, CHERRY pie, and the bird is right-side up? And what’s with the rabbit being all cute?” It was like Bizarro Bizarro.

  2. While I enjoy your musings, I must point out that cats almost always lick themselves WITH the direction of the fur.

    Thanks for a fun cartoon, all the way from Norway!

  3. Love your comic and your blogsite! I do not understand the baggy pants fad (can it be called a fad when it has been around for 20 years?) or like it either! I do like your cartoon mocking it however! Love the chinese to english translation in “more then one could expect” also. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Thank you so much for posting the Cat Groomer, it has been one of my all time favorites and have wished I could see it again. I even had looked in your archives. It’s the best!!

  5. “God is in the details”. Bunny in corset with wrench! Other cat hiding from groomer! Milk carton in dog portrait! Fish in ceiling lamp! Beautifully rendered shadows on cactus pants! Ah, me… <3

  6. Oh, man, I love the details in these strips, but I especially dig the Cholla skeleton, replete with holstered banana. I would have expected a chile pepper or a Jazz Pickle, but if I wanted a cartoon where things went as expected I wouldn’t be reading Bizarro.

    Your work just keeps getting better through the years, Mr. Piraro. This cowboy scene and last week’s fortune teller are just glorious works of art (though one of my absolute favorites from a purely artistic standpoint is the Bride of Frankenstein from 30-Oct-11)

  7. I love the fluff and purr. Even without the woman’s expression, it would be funny, but that sense of ‘ick’ in her job just makes it that much funnier.

  8. I located a total of nine “secret symbols” in the vintage Bizarro from 23 April 2000. However, when I used my “Dan Piraro Illuminated Magnifier,” (TM) I noted that the total number of secret symbols was not shown in the panel. :-(

  9. Is saloon owner/entertainer (and pie-repair person) Bunny holding a microphone in the poster? It certainly looks like that. You know that those little bastards are electric, right?

      • Thanks for clearing that up, Mr P.

        Some fun trivia for you: the Swedish word for pie is “paj”. It’s pronounced almost exacly as pie, so they’re probably related. Anyway, “paj” is also a Swedish slang word for broken, so it actually makes perfect sense to have a paj repair shop!

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