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Here are a few fun things.

First, my buddy Jim Horwitz (aka JimmyHo) writes a comic called “Watson.” It’s a quirky little feature, to be sure, and Jim tends to meander all over the place with it but that’s exactly what I love about it. And I particularly adore his artwork. In spite of how they look, they are not printed in newspapers with the reverse side of the page bleeding through, that’s some kind of wacky Photoshop trick that JimmyHo has devised. I’m no novice at Photoshop, but I have no idea how he does this. It’s cool, though.

I recently drew another cartoon in collaboration with JimmyHo and posted it here, of course. By way of thanks, he added a few of my “secret symbols” (or “idiotic icons” if you prefer) in his faded background. They’re hard to spot but that makes them more fun to look for. I’ve found four: UFO, eyeball, pie, crown. You’ll likely have to click the comic for a larger view to find them.

Watson1His next installment features a portion of a photo of me behind one of his cartoon balloons. Those are my glasses and eyes peeking out. Behind the yellow square is a logo from another cartoon strip, “Rhymes with Orange.” To follow Watson, go to this imaginary location.Watson2

My last bit of fun today is on the subject of one of the all-time greats in the world of surreal cartooning, Gahan Wilson. A documentary about his career and impact on American comedy is finally available on iTunes and I am recommending it for viewing. Especially the parts with me in it. Yes, I’m in this dang movie talking about what Gahan meant to me. I confess I’ve not seen it yet but I hope I came off erudite and sophisticated. Have a look here.



11 thoughts on “Bonus Post

  1. Gahan Wilson!!!! He warped me at a young age when I would grab my dad’s copies of F&SF out of the mailbox just to gaze upon Gahan’s latest marvel.

  2. I didn’t notice the hidden stuff in the Watson cartoons. Now I’ll have to check them out more carefully.

    (You give us a hint, at least, with the symbol count.)

  3. As a young boy, I can remember waiting for my dad’s Playboy subscription to arrive so I could sneak a peak at the latest Wilson cartoon…That dude is seriously weird and he is one of my all time favorite cartoonists.

  4. Dan, Unrelated but maybe of interest. The Colorado Springs Gazette, worlds most irritatingly conservative newspaper, just added Bizarro as readers choice. Sadly, both Lio and Stone Soup bit the dust. I get both on line, so big Congrats! Also to Don Simms. I believe Gahan is alive and kicking. Wasn’t too many weeks past that The New Yorker had a new one.

  5. Not to mention Wilson’s magnificent “NUTS” strip that ran in the National Lampoon back in the day.

    (Although I’m pretty sure I just mentioned it).

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for the pointer to the Gahan Wilson film. Like many others, he influenced me in ways that still occasionally surprise me, finding humor in the oddest places.

    I’ll watch it later today.

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