Now Available! Bizarro Bunny’s Pie Repair T-shirt!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so very soon the window of opportunity to possess this fine expression of art and comedy will SLAM SHUT on your regretful fingers.

Conscious and semi-conscious Jazz Pickles alike will remember that just a few months ago, I offered a limited-time sale on my first Bizarro Jazz Pickle T-shirt. Hundreds responded with a click of the purchase button and are happier today because of it. Some are even in a state of nirvana. And several are in the state of Nevada, of course.

Months of research, experiment, and development went into the construction of this second official Jazz Pickle shirt design so don’t be a dufas –– get one or more now! (More is best.) This time, THERE ARE 10 STYLES AND COLORS to choose from, so go kookoobananas and treat yourself to luxury! You deserve it. Bunny's 2 FINAL WEB










Click either image to make it bigger! 

Bunny Shirts WEB 1

















9 thoughts on “FOOD FIX!

  1. Yeah! I got the first one and the sizing for Large was a bit snug, so I ordered this one in XL to keep it loose!

    Can we have the next one with ALL of the hidden items in one pic. I enjoy searching for them in the comic, then checking the number over your signature to see if I got them all.

  2. I got mine! Well, that is, I will when they ship. Love the first shirt — I get a lot of questions and strange looks when I wear it. Keep ’em coming!

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