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There’s been quite a lot about the NSA in the news lately and, even though I have given up the idea that a government or the law can be “fair,” the fact that our own government is spying on us is deplorable. Many great minds have said something like: You have to choose freedom or safety, you can’t have both.  Personally, I’d rather be more free and less safe, but that’s just me.











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From last Friday comes this gag which discloses one of Batman’s rare weaknesses.















And Saturday’s cartoon features a familiar scene from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, with a modern twist. There’s probably no end to the number of “username and password” cartoons that a person could do but I’m going to try to stop now.










BYGONE BIZARRO: This cartoon from 1997 reminds us that even the Devil doesn’t take New York City lightly. I lived there for ten years and I don’t blame 08-19-97 Eden NYC


29 thoughts on “Snoopy Clog Rock Apple

  1. To be honest, I’m not sure why people are scared about the NSA when they already put all their personal information on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

      • Doesn’t matter that much whether you post it to FuBar or Twitter; it’s out there anyway. I have friends in the Gummint TLA industry and they tell me that most of their job involves keeping up with who’s selling what and who’s got the best private-side datamining routines. It’s a lot easier buying the stuff already indexed and digested than working from raw collections.

      • Our personal info is out there for the taking via public government records. Anything recorded at a county recorder’s office is free game. They have to make those records available by law. You would be surprised at how much one can know about another… for free… online. I sort of don’t care anymore. If you want to know my birth date, who my relatives are and were I have lived, I’d be flattered ;^)

    • TheseActually,its a ridiculous point considering the fact that they take it a step further by accessing the computer’s camera and speakers to watch and listen.Google and face book have no right to betray my privacy to a criminal out of control government.anyone who bl

      ythly accepts this as the way its got to be is a coward and a pro estableshment sell out.

  2. hey, i lived in NYC twice over the course of late 80 & mid-81 (approx 4-6 months each time)

    and i have to agree- NYC is a HELLUVA town…

  3. Friday’s. Thank you! I really, really needed a good laugh out loud Friday morning and that one provided it. (The expression on your Batman… )

  4. Long time lurker and lover of your work, clear back when “The Bullies of Juilliard” made me laugh all the way to the SF Conservatory of Music one day.

    LOVE the NSA joke, also Batman’s expression is classic “bad dog/boy”.

    Thank you so much for making my life funnier.

    • Very funny cartoon. Whomever drew it is obviously working in a country where the word “penis” can be used in the newspaper funnies. I’m jealous. :^}

  5. I think you’ve a typo. Shouldn’t today’s read, ” … when you’re out with your GAY friends.”


    Happy Long Beach Pride!

  6. I give up:

    I can’t find the 5th symbol in today’s cartoon. I have Bunny and Dynamite and Alien and Eyeball.

    Where’s #5?

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  8. The NSA really doesn’t deserve it’s bad wrap. After all, it is proof that the government really DOES listen to what we have to say.

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