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bz 12-06-13 ManhattanWEBHistory is the real-life soap opera of actual people and the way our world got to where it is now. How can you not love that?

I find history fascinating, though I hated it as a student because history teachers were almost always the most sedated faculty members on staff. Personality and public speaking should be required courses for anyone going into the teaching profession.

More to the point today, however, is that this weekend is the 388th anniversary of the sale of the island of Manhattan by the local natives. Accordingly, historians James and Michelle Nevius have used one of my Bizarro cartoons on their blog today to talk about the sale. Check it out here. And make it a point to go back regularly, as they always have interesting tidbits of history to share.

Their latest book on NYC history is definitely worth checking out, too. I’m reading it now, in fact. Grab a copy here!

Also, if you’re ever in NYC, you simply must sign on for one of their walking history tours. They are terrific guides, always friendly and fascinating, and it will definitely make your trip to NYC much more meaningful. I’ve done a few myself and they’re totally worth it. Here’s where you can check out their upcoming tours.



5 thoughts on “Brain Fuel

  1. My American History teacher was the female version of the teacher from Ferris Bueller. A personality course should have been necessary.

  2. I never could stomach history the way it was usually told: people in power, what they did and when. However, when I run into history that is about people instead of events, especially common people, then it feels relevant, meaningful and exciting.

  3. Is that you sitting in the foreground? I started reading the comic for the humor but now I also enjoy it for the artwork. Wish our local newspaper would print it larger than 2.5 x 2.75 inches

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