Nose Lice Feet


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Clever Ways to Dispose of Evidence.

My Friday offering this week is an obvious reference to the old adage, “You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”  Now you can.














This cartoon is an attempt to ruin your next selfie. The only reason school children get head lice more often than adults is that they are more likely put their heads together. Parents get them from their kids by hugging them. So it stands to reason that the “selfie” craze will be a boon to the head lice community. Thus far, we have ascertained that cell phones give people brain tumors and head lice. What next? Rotating Buttock Syndrome?







BIZOMBIES: Speaking of heads, let’s talk about feet. From 06-17-96 FeetWEB


11 thoughts on “Nose Lice Feet

  1. I got curious about where the opposite side of the Earth is from Easter Island. It’s in the desert of Rajasthan, in western India, and northeast of Karachi, Pakistan, so there wouldn’t be any boats. It’s still a funny cartoon, though, and suitably bizarre. Now what’s needed is someone with tons of money to fund a project to put huge carved feet in the Indian desert at that point.

  2. Rotating Buttock Syndrome is called Piriformis syndrome by the medical community, and although the buttocks don’t pull far enough to be ‘rotated’ it seems painful enough.

    I only learnt all this by googling “Rotating Buttock Syndrome”.

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