Your Pie Needs This


Jazz Pickles and useless peasants alike have been asking for a Bunny’s Pie Repair (as seen in the internationally syndicated cartoon feature, “Bizarro”! [But not on TV]) T-shirt so here it is!  You’ll want one for yourself and several more for gifts in the upcoming holiday season! (Unfortunately, holiday seasons are always upcoming.)

Comes in men’s and women’s styles in a few different colors and is a real conversation starter––guaranteed to shield your torso and shoulders from bird shit. Order NOW!

ONLY SIX DAYS LEFT, then this design will be retired forever!

Number 2 in a series of highly-collectible, wearable art! (If you collect them and wear them.)Bunny's 2 FINAL WEBBunny Shirts WEB 1



3 thoughts on “Your Pie Needs This

  1. Hey guys today is june 1st and I just saw your Flintstones chewables toon. Very nice. However I think u will be getting some backlash to wilma being bitten in half and on the ground. Chewing on fred,ok. Wilma dead,nope. I think chasing the hem would have been better. Love your stuff. Just a bit overboaord this time..

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