Aging Bones Spinning Bags


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Somewhere on the Interwebs is a deal where a guy did a time-lapse video of his daughter from birth to much later. That inspired this cartoon about Lisa Simpson, who is 24 years old this year.












I go to the doctor as infrequently as possible. I think it is a key to good health. Once every few years I pay him to stick his finger into my anus, though, not because I’m worried about my health but because I think it builds character.














I grew up in Oklahoma, in the middle of America’s famed “Tornado Alley”. It’s a lot like being in a blender, only less 02-25-00 SeeEachOtherWEB












OLD BIZNESS: Jumping back 14 years in time, we find a unique solution to an age-old problem.


10 thoughts on “Aging Bones Spinning Bags

  1. Haha! I love the Lisa Simpson one! I was just thinking about how old each would actually be if they aged each year. I thought she would be older though, lol.

    • the age of lisa can be confusing but if she has been on tv for 24 years. But she wasn’t born in the first season she was in third grade. When I was in third grade I was 8 then turned 9. So Lisa is now at least 32. She should look a little different. Great comic Bizarro!

  2. Just a word to the wise –

    Even if you don’t let the doctor get his poke – be sure to get your PSA checked

    I developed prostate cancer at age 57 and had it removed – I can assure you that going though this treatment will build character

    Many old guys die with prostate cancer

    If you get the disease in your 50’s you are much more likely to die from it than with it.

    Wow – what a downer

  3. I noticed how the horizontal format of the “Lisa” cartoon had 10 pictures to the vertical’s 9, how you rearranged it so that the picture of Lisa looking befuddled was in the left column of both, and how you duplicated then flipped one picture, just driving the point further.

    But I must offer a technical objection: Lisa was “born” in the first Simpsons short on the Tracey Ullman show on April 19, 1997, making her (and Bart and the rest) 26… and she did look rather different then; it was when they started their own half-hour show that all the character designs were nailed down, to be continuously nailed for almost a quarter of a century so far (the “25th birthday” will be December 17th; so the show’s Lisa is 24-and-a-half).

    But that’s common enough in cartoons AND comic strips… It’s hard to recognize the first Bullwinkle or Bugs Bunny, but once they got the designs nailed down, they were sealed in amber… same for Charlie Brown, Garfield and Dilbert… and Nancy – you motivated me to look for her first comics page appearance on January 3, 1933. A few adjustments over the first 10-15 years, but there’s been no change in that hairdo with the bow in 81 years.

    Of course, we could also ask how old your ‘Repair Bunny’ is and how much he has changed… (please DON’T change him, I bought the t-shirt and I want it to be just as recognizable in 20 years).

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