Chomp Stroll Eat Naked


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Bizarro is brought to you by Who Wouldn’t Want This Done To Their Mouth?

This week was kookoobananas and left me without time to keep up with my blog posts. So here now, are all the cartoons from Wednesday until today.

Since it’s Sunday, we’ll start with today’s. This delightful image of a couple of popular TV characters being devoured by Tyrannosaurus children was a collaboration with my good buddy, Cliff The King Of Wordplay. This one isn’t really about wordplay, showing that Cliff is equally gifted in other areas. (And I’m not just talking about his prolific career as a go-go dancer.)




Wednesday’s cartoon was a collaboration with another good buddy and my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. He came up with the idea for a sign like this one and the two of us kicked it back and forth until we found a fun way to use it. Some of you may not know that pirates didn’t leave their plank up all the time because it made it difficult to park in tight spaces. Wayno discusses some of the earlier versions here.












I love this “Revenge Diner” cartoon because it requires a little effort from the reader to put it together. If you were not able to figure this one out, it is very likely that you’ve never heard the famous phrase, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” The origins of this phrase are unknown but you can read a bit about it here.








And finally, we have this little ditty that features cattle musing over why they are so poorly treated by we humans.


39 thoughts on “Chomp Stroll Eat Naked

  1. I wondered about the meaning of “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    Friday’s cartoon clarified it for me.

    By the way, is Revenge Diner vegan?

  2. Dinosaurs for the win! Love the walking fish, and the upside-down pterosaur, though since the latter isn’t really a bird, does it count as one of the 9 symbols in that strip?

      • OK, gonna get pedantic on ya: unfortunately, pterosaurs are *not* dinosaurs. Birds are actually closely related to the star of that strip, Mama T. rex.

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  4. Still, aren’t you supporting the Creationist lie that dinosaurs existed at the same time as early humans (as the original Flintstones cartoons did, not to mention your funny-papers neighbor B.C. – which probably contributed to Johnny Hart’s extreme religious conversion)? See? You really opened a can of worms there (except cavemen didn’t have cans then, just a lot of worms).

    BTW, are Flintstones vitamins acceptable as part of a Paleo Diet?

  5. I thought cows had horns – no need for whistles..

    Superb set of artworks – love the resigned cattle – spot on,

    enlightened, funny, revolutionary! Bravo.

    I preferred the vengeanctarian Diner to the Flinty Chewables

    (Mainly vegan but vegetarian option for drinks?)

    Hailing from the signaged, surveilled suberbs of Bristol, love all pirates, especially

    ones that implement deck swabbing with correct Health and Safety (dynamite facing out).

    Apologies for potentially un-suitable cockney humour intro – a bit of a cock-eyed thankyou..

    Thankyou – love ’em.

  6. Mr. Piraro,

    Your Flintstone vitamins drawing has now surpassed Gary Larson’s Far Side “Boneless Chicken Ranch” drawing as my all-time favorite comic strip. My wife and I, both who grew up in the years when The Flintstones were the most popular cartoons on TV, laughed all Sunday morning. Yes, we enjoy warped humor. I have long been a Gary Larson fan, because of his warped humor. But you have moved that ahead a notch, and now have a loyal couple of fans in my family. Funny!

    John Sattgast

    Shelton, Washington

  7. LOLd @TRex nutrition and I hate myself for it. OMG (Oh My Godzilla)!….Then they poop out yabba dabba doodoo.

  8. Who Wouldn’t Want This Done To Their Mouth?

    my wife has three of these implants.

    dislodged them them during seizures

    and then last winter, a seizure dislodged one of the implants

    she goes in for replacement this month.

    shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays has this, as he destroyed all his teeth smoking crack.

    True story…

  9. The dinosaur cartoon is pre-hysterical! I think they’d have to be careful not to get Pebbles in their teeth.

  10. Serious, though slightly inane question…

    When you do a strip that shows a business interior where the lettering on the glass is thus reversed, do you do the art with the lettering reading forwards as always and then flip it (presumably before lettering the dialogue balloons)? Or are you just that talented that you can do credible backwards lettering a la Leonardo Da Vinci, i.e. while composing a symphony with the other hand and chewing gum at the same time? Thanks.

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  12. I’m old enough to remember (and be a member) of SINA, a satirical hoax in the early 60s. Hopefully I still have the magazine somewhere in my possession. Your cattle cartoon reminded me of this chapter of my life.

    High on the wings of SINA / we fight for the future now;

    Let’s clothe every pet and animal / whether dog, cat, horse or cow!

    G. Clifford Prout, our President / he works for you and me,

    So clothe all your pets and join the march / for worldwide Decency!

    S.I.N.A., that’s our call / all for one and one for all.

    Hoist our flag for all to see / waving for Morality.

    Onward we strive together / stronger in every way,

    All mankind and his animal friends / for SINA, S-I-N-A!

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