Last Chance!


This is your last chance to order your Bizarro Bunny Pie Repair T-shirt. Only 10 hours left, then this design will be retired for eternity!BunnyShirtsPartonHasslehoff














This is #2 in a series of Bizarro custom T-shirts designed and drawn by my own hand, eyes, and brain. I used my arms a little, too.

PLUS, you won’t just be getting a quality art-garment that you will cherish for a lifetime, you’ll also be helping me send my attorney’s children through college, thanks to my greedy, spoiled ex-wife. (sigh)Bunny's 2 FINAL WEB  ORDER YOURS NOW!



7 thoughts on “Last Chance!

  1. As much as I like and respect this design, to wear it would probably bring upon my head bad (very bad) juju from my departed grandmother who spent many, many wasted hours of her twilight years trying to teach me the art of rolling a pie crust. It was in fact herself who pronounced that my pie could not be repaired by “all the king’s horses, nor all the king’s men,” by which I can extrapolate that she also meant “all the king’s bunnies.” If her house is still standing in Grand Junction, Colorado, I imagine that the current occupants are having to put up with her faint ghostly mutterings (“suffering Mother of God, that girl!) as she tries in vain to bleach the last of the explosion of pie crust off the ceiling. I do not know how it got there. I think of it as a gift…

    • That’s a very sweet story and I think you should wear one of those shirts in memory of your grandmother. :^}

  2. Dan I love your work and really want to buy one of your t’s but they’re printed at Cafe Press and the quality of their shirts is crap. A few months ago I bought a Rat Fink shirt from Roth’s website. Quality silkscreen on a high grade cotton t shirt. Think about it.

    • Every so often, I’ve been offering limited-edition T-shirts from a company called Teespring. I just had a campaign that ended last Monday, in fact. The shirts are very high quality. Keep an eye out on this blog for my next campaign and perhaps you can snag one from there. Thanks for your interest!

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