Java Jail Ovum Puke


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Products To Avoid.


There’s been a lot in the news lately about various companies looking into using small drones like the one in this cartoon for home delivery of products bought online. I can’t believe this idea will “fly,” considering it will mean that eventually there will be thousands of little robots flying around with boxes hooked to the bottom, getting shot down by everyone from mischievous kids to thieves who hope to get lucky and not end up with a pair of fluffy slippers some grandmother ordered. This idea came from the brilliant and handsome, if not hygienic, Dan McConnell, a good friend and cartoonist colleague. If you want to see more of his work, he hangs out here.









This jail cartoon doesn’t refer to any specific meme, it’s just one of those odd musings that came my way while writing cartoons. The glass separating inmates from visitors has always intrigued me. I hope to never find myself on the orange-jumpsuit side of one.











Have you ever seen a menu that offered “two eggs any style”?  Well, I don’t care much for stylish eggs and neither does this gentleman.










bz 10-29-02 PezBulemiaWEBPREZARROS: Another thing you can eat is Pez candy. Overly-cautious parents may want to avoid these harmful toy-candies, however.


12 thoughts on “Java Jail Ovum Puke

  1. I love the egg-toon!

    Boot camp broken me the habit of eating eggs _ they were usually powdered & not prepared well either. Sometimes they would be watery (skimmed from the top), rubbery (scrapped from the sides of the vat), or dry (reaching all the way down at the bottom of the vat)!

    So, I use this as my eggs-cuse (groans) to eat other cholestrol-laden fare! Bacon, pork chops, fried chicken, ….

    : D

  2. In the 5th Star Trek movie, there is a scene where Kirk, on vacation, is rock climbing up the “El Capitan” cliff face — solo without any safety equipment of course. Spock, wearing a pair of

    levitation boots, shows up unexpectedly and startles Kirk who falls from the cliff. In a dramatic power dive, Spock of course rescues Kirk before he goes splat. But think of how much better the scene would have been if Spock had instead brought Kirk a nice piping hot cup of coffee for him to enjoy during his ascent.

  3. Dan, was it a conscious decision on your part not to include a slice of pie as one of your hidden relics in the diner panel? When I saw it, I immediately thought I’d see one there. Too obvious?

    • It’s an imperfect science. I basically look at the image and decide on a whim where to put various symbols. Somehow, the pie didn’t make the cut. Shit happens. :^}

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