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Bizarro is brought to you today by Anyone Know Who Did This Brilliant Cartoon?

As simple as this cartoon is, it was a pain in the cartoon ass to draw. One would think you could draw that damned treadmill once and then clone it but no, each is at a completely different angle and perspective so they all have to be drawn separately. Making them look identical was a chore. Notice I didn’t try to draw a gym full of workout machines behind them. Ugh!




PAZZJICKLES: I’ve done a lot of Superman gags over the years but this one seems particularly relevant in light of this past week’s Cosmos TV show, which was all about climate change. I’ve said it before and will again and again, Cosmos is the most important TV program of our time. Not only is it incredibly educational, but it’s entertaining to watch. If you like the magical intricacies of our universe explained in layman’s terms, which I do. Bizarro 11-25-07 SupermanClimateWEBIt’s a MUST for school kids, too.

I highly recommend watching the episode on climate change as it explains in simple language that yes, it is happening and yes, we are causing it. The climate-change deniers (including, ironically enough, Fox News, which is owned by the same company that airs this show) are either out for more money polluting the planet, or they just hate the topic because liberals picked it up first. Either way we’re doomed, but the episode has an uplifting message and isn’t a complete downer. Watch this episode and every other one, people. Your brain will thank you for feeding it something other than cartoons.


49 thoughts on “Supercizing

  1. Is the baby bottle an addition to the icon hunt? I’m pretty sure what the slow guy is carrying is not a water bottle. And if it is, then I guess the duck foot doesn’t count…

  2. “Anyone Know Who Did This Brilliant Cartoon?”:

    Was it Bill Watterson? No … wait … that was Stephan Pastis who was talking about having Bill as a guest-artist.

    So who was it?

    As for the treadmills, blame perspective.

    As for climate-change deniers, blame perspective.

  3. I feel exactly the way you do about Cosmos, both new & old. You are a treasure, Dan. My fridge, computer & office wall are covered with your cartoon clips & give me many laffs & “Hmm…” moments every day. THANKS!

    • Thanks, Robert! I knew I’d seen his work before but couldn’t remember who he is or where I’d seen it. I LOVE his cartoons!

    • YES! Thank you! I knew I’d seen his work before but I couldn’t remember who it was. He’s really brilliant.

  4. I thought this would make a funny scene:

    Clark takes off his glasses to clean them when Perry bursts into his office. “Clark! What the hell is the meaning…” He stops midsentence when he sees Clark without his glasses. Perry becomes contrite. “Oh, sorry Superman,” he looks around the office, “have you seen Clark?” Clark is momentarily confused, but says, “Uh, have you tried the copy room?” Perry responds and exits. Clark just shakes his head and continues cleaning his glasses.

    • I did a cartoon similar to this last year, I think. Clark is at an optometrist’s office, takes off his glasses and the doctor immediately recognizes him as Superman.

  5. Clearly the issue of “climate change” is far too complex and important to be considered in such simplistic terms as you (or Neil Tyson) attempt to do. We “skeptics” are not “deniers” and resist that ignorant label (and the ignorance is on the part of those doing the labeling). Is the climate changing? Sure. It’s been changing for a billion years. Is it ALL the fault of us pesky humans? Highly doubtful, and it’s the height of hubris to believe so.

    Many skeptics are also trained scientists (like me) who know how to read a peer-reviewed research paper. They are also trained to recognize bullshit when they see it.

    I offer but one cogent example:

    I humbly suggest you follow the money – and the political agenda – of those screaming from the rooftops that the sky is falling and it’s all our fault. The elites who “own” this world see nothing wrong with eliminating a couple of billion “useless eaters” from the planet through starvation and disease in the bogus pursuit of “saving the Earth”. It’s for the children, you know. We can deal with real pollution and its effects without destroying the entire human economy. But CO2 is not a poison.

    • Humans have an unquenchable thirst for conspiracy, thus the various explanations for nearly every human motivation on Earth. CO2 is what keeps the planet from freezing or frying, it was relatively stable until around 1900 and the industrial revolution, and it has dramatically shot sky-high ever since. The climate (as opposed to the daily weather) has changed noticeably since, as well. It is a complex subject, of course, but the basic facts are simple enough. Obesity is a complex subject as well, but the basic notion that if you eat ten Big Macs every day you’re going to get fat is an undeniable fact. Humans dump billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year since the industrial revolution began and the balance in our atmosphere, and thus the climate, has changed noticeably since that time. Fairly simple and extremely dangerous.

    • @Reg,

      “Follow the money” – and you’ll soon meet the oil companies promotong a fake skeptic view. And if you were REALLY the scientist you claim to be, you’d be quoting scientific papers, not bullshit blogs. But of course you can’t, because there aren’t any supporting denyiers, are there?

      And you’re the one making accusations of oversimplifying.

    • Yikes! Tim Ball, Canada’s favourite climate science denier. Dr. Ball, who can’t seem to keep his own credentials straight, let alone most of the basic facts about climate change, is hardly a reliable source of information about this stuff. I know, because I’m Canadian!

      We’re all better off listening to reputable science organizations like NASA, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Smithsonian, or Scientific American. (We have science organizations in Canada too, but we haven’t put anyone on the moon yet.)

    • I’m going to challenge your assertion that you are a scientist. I’m a neurobiologist and have been for 30 years and I know science and how scientists think. Your logic has too many holes to go over but your final comment that “CO2 is not a poison” raises a red flag since it is one of those inane talking points used by conservatives to argue against the science community. For example, we breath in oxygen but breathing pure oxygen for very long can be detrimental. Too little CO2 is a bad thing and too much CO2 is a bad thing. Life and the physical environment have evolved together. Follow the money I will agree with. The deniers are funded by the oil industry (the Koch brother have paid tens of millions to lobbyists) or are representatives from oil producing states (Inhoff from OK for example). If you really were a scientist you would know that there is no glory (or funding) for simply going along with the crowd. You become most famous (and get funding) for demonstrating that the common wisdom is wrong.

  6. Dan, another great show is “Years of Living Dangerously” on Showtime. It will scare the bejuzus out you but boy is it a great wakeup call. Just hope the right people watch it. One episode showed how methane from natural gas poses a bigger problem then CO2.

  7. Yes, Dan , and there’s nothing funny about the state of the environment . Overpopulation being the rapid-ageing factor of it all .

    Oh , there I went again , saying something unpopular .


  8. The dying planet one was awesome, especially after watching the day after tomorrow, it occurred to me if Frank Zappa did cartoons they’d be a lot like yours, but for me the world is a better place having you both as separate entities, it would have been cool if you both did a collab, but alas that will have to wait for another time and space. Cheers man you’re the best!

  9. You need to learn from a real climate scientist like Joe warming as pushed by the liberal kook con men like al gore is an attack on capitalism.china has no intention of slowing their pollution wrong as it is so it will not help to handcuf our economy.

  10. I like those swimming in place pools where you swim against a current. Shouldn’t Superman be flying against a fan?

  11. “We” cannot cause climate change. Who caused the Ice Age? Who caused the Ice Age to end? Yes, Climate changes. But climate has changed before humans were here, and will continue to change long after we are gone

    • You’re right that climates change naturally. You’re wrong that we cannot also change it ourselves. CO2 heats the planet and we have been dumping billions of tons into the atmosphere since the beginning of the 20th century. During the same period, the delicate balance of CO2 has risen in our atmosphere dramatically and the climate of our planet is noticeably warming. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put the two together. You’ve been watching Fox News, I suspect, which is run by people who have a vested interest in pollution.

    • Roy, you are correct, “we” cannot *cause* climate change, but then no scientist is claiming we have. What they *are* saying, and are correct in doing so, is that we have accelerated the warming trend that was already in progress to a rate quicker than any we have good evidence for going back ~800,000 years.

    • ROY,

      If the industrial plant upwind of you releases a ton of sulfur dioxide, would you be so quick to say, “That’s perfectly OK with me, because volcanoes do that!”?

  12. Ditto on “Cosmos” and “Years of Living Dangerously.” Even if it’s wrong (and all obvious evidence is to the contrary) that we’re heating up the planet, it makes good environmental, geopolitical and economic sense to reduce carbon and associated pollutants.

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