Undies Fish TV Laptop


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Ever wondered if Tarzan wore underwear? Neither had I until I did, and it resulted in this cartoon.











This barroom cartoon is a collaboration with my good friend and known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. I’ve been told by a few readers that I got the symbol count wrong on this vertical version, it should be 7 instead of 6. The strip is wrong, too. I only count 4. Sometimes my counting ain’t so good, and neither is my editor’s. Wayno blathers eloquently about this cartoon and his original sketch here.












I was not one of the hundreds of people who watched “How I Met Your Mother” but I know enough about it to understand this gag about a spinoff. As for me, I’ve never met anyone in a way that would take nine years to tell. But I’m something of a recluse.







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PALEOBIZARRO: From the year 2000, I bring you this humble offering of a humbling situation we’ve all been through at one time or another.


15 thoughts on “Undies Fish TV Laptop

  1. I count 8 in the vertical barroom cartoon: 3 K2s, and 1 each of bird, eyeball, alien, dynamite and crown (on the bottle of Rat). And I like the inverted Tarzan ‘toon toucan.

    • If you mean the vertical version of the barroom, even if you count all *three* K2s as a single symbol, and don’t count the crown (it *is* kinda iffy), there are still 5 symbols: bird, eyeball, alien, dynamite & K2.

  2. I’m known for being super petty, so I’ll go ahead and say it: that bit of punctuation in the HIMY3C gag doesn’t exist as far as i know. Should be an apostrophe. Often done (erroneously) with the open single-quote, but in this case it’s neither. As an apostrophe (or close single quote) it’s backward, and as an open it’s upside down. Would you believe i have a life?

  3. Thanks for the explanation of the third-cousin one. Since I never saw How I Met Your Mother, that connection hadn’t dawned on me.

    On the first one, I wonder what Cheetah thinks of underwear. Or if.

  4. Your “barroom cartoon” had me laughing at the time I was in a bar, in Dallas, called Redneck Heaven and they have a drink called the Minnow Bomber. The way the drink is made with a guppy from their aquarium, they drop it in a shot glass with the liquor of your choice i.e. tequila, whiskey, vodka, etc and you take the shot with the fish in it. I did it and it had been a blast showing the video ever since. sssshhh don’t tell PETA.

    A hearty salud to you for your awesome artistic drawings.

  5. I’ve looked but can’t find t-shirts for sale like the one in the “Text” cartoon. If you haven’t already please make a series of shirts with your symbols, or remind us where we can find them. Just the symbol, maybe big on the front, small on the back, so people will ask, then you can get a conversation going about the meanings. And that would be a good thing. As long as it doesn’t turn into a brawl. Unless you like brawls then it’s still a good thing. hm..

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