Riding Sinfully


Bizarro 06-15-14 hedrWEB (For a biggenized version of these cartoons, click them.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by How Many Ways Can You Spell “Boogie”?

The “header panel” at left is borrowed from a recent Sunday Bizarro cartoon that looked like this. Sometimes I do that. I really like this character based on Wild Bill Hickok so I used him again.

The guys in the full cartoon are not based on anyone famous, just a couple of cowpokes wandering around the American desert southwest commenting on carousel horses. As you likely learned in school, carousel horses occurred naturally in these areas, were captured easily, but could not be taught to walk in anything but a circle; thus the modern-day carousel was invented. These days, they are bred on farms, of course.Bizarro 06-15-14 WEB



23 thoughts on “Riding Sinfully

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  2. Well, the joke I’ve heard most repeated is the one with the kid in Sunday School told to recite the Seven Deadly Sins from memory and switching over to the Seven Dwarves partway…

    “Uh, greed, sloth, lust, uh, gluttony, uhhh, sneezy dopey and doc, right?”

    And I have my Bunny’s Pie Repair shirt and have already had to explain it by one friend… do you have a less-than-100-words way to cover it’s jazzpicklish origins?

  3. Snow White & The Seven Deadly Sins is one of your all-time best… original, creative, and clever…

  4. In the past 24 hours I’ve committed all but one of the seven deadly sins and haven’t died in any sense of the word. A little sleepy perhaps but definitely not dead. When asked to explain the “Bunny’s Pie Repair” shirt I was wearing the other day I just replied that it was something nonsensical from my favorite cartoonist. Because I lacked a sufficient explanation I again reviewed the meaning of the bunny and pie icons. I think I’ll try and explain it in the future as a metaphor for how our inner bunny should do the best with whatever good fortune we have in life, or “repair the pie.” Am I thinking too deeply on this?

  5. The Seven Deadly Dwarfs! Brilliant. Reminds me of the time my little brother suggested an alternate version of the animated children’s TV show, The Care Bears – called The Scare Bears. He said there could be Grizzly, Chokey, Stabby…I can’t remember them all now, but I think the last one was just called “Mangler”.

  6. I think the first Bizarro i ever saw (or noticed) was also a cowboy strip. It was the one where he’s riding a wobbly stick-figure horse, saying “I know I know, but my kid drew it for me and I promised I’d ride it”. It just knocked me flat and I was hooked immediately. That’s a great Father’s Day strip too. =^)

    And I got my bunny shirt yesterday, i’m wearing it right now…

  7. Dan. Would you consider drawing the following: A man dressed as Obi Wan working in a cell phone store has his hand raised and is saying to a couple who are looking at phones, “These are not the Droids you are looking for”. By the way, it always has bothered me that someone with Obi Wan’s knowledge would end a sentence in a preposition.

  8. Bunny’s Pie Repair t-shirt arrived today in the UK – yippee! Now where shall I wear it first, that is the big question?

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