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I’m in my mid-fifties and have been thinking about social media lately. I’ve gone through stages where I didn’t understand it, then I got into it, then I thought it was necessary for my business and getting the most out of life, and now I’m thinking it has nothing to do with my happiness and is likely a detriment to it. Life happens in a much more profound and satisfying way in person and it is actually true that the best things in life are free. I still use it to a small degree, of course, in ways that it facilitates me, but I’ll never be a Twitter Star. I don’t take as many selfies as younger folks, either. I know that selfies are not literally “social media” but they figure in.









I love this clown cartoon but it just occurred to me that I made a grievous drafting error: the toilet has no seat. I have brought shame to my entire village.













My final cartoon this week (before Sunday’s) is also about my philosophical musings about technology. Here’s a guru who is presumably trying to discover the true nature of existence and all he can do is fret over the speed of his Internet. The mountaintop guru is a terrific cartoon motif for exploring the truths of human society and I’ve used it again and again. And I’ll use it again. I just wrote a good one yesterday, in fact, that will appear in Bizarro in mid-to-late July.






JAZZ PICKLE JAR: Here’s a guru cartoon from 2002, though he has chosen the driver’s seat of a city bus rather than a mountaintop. I changed the name of the bus’s destination as a little shout-out to my regular readers. bz 05-10-02 Bus Guru





25 thoughts on “Selfie Sample Guru Bus

  1. how about a cartoon showing a LOT of clowns coming out of a small port-o-potty.then-uhm some joke about how bad it smells

    • Taking a picture of the other person instead of the “selfie.” I know somebody who is *way* into taking pictures of himself and is *constantly* uploading them. I immediately thought of that obnoxious fellow the second I saw the cartoon in the L A Times, and I had to laugh. Will the other guy recognize himself and tone it down a notch or thousand? Not likely to happen.

  2. Toilets have seats??? You mean that annoying round thing my wife always leaves down no matter how many times I remind her?

  3. I agree with your musing about social media. I love the ability to use FB as a tool to stay connected with folks, and share ideas, but it seems a bit out of control when it comes to hourly self-promotions about shopping, dinner, drinks, and such.

    Your elimination (pun intended) of the toilet seat ends the age old question about leaving it up or down, although the lid still poses a problem.

  4. Love the gag, love the symbols, but the grievous drafting error was putting the pie on the bathroom floor. Even the eye was looking at him saying “Buddy, you don’t belong down there.”

    • You are not mistaken, Jimbo. In fact, a January 6th, 2012 gag with Dan addressed this. Maybe he can re-post.

  5. [A re-edited post from my FB page] Some people rail against Facebook and other social media, saying that they reduce connectedness or are a waste of time.

    For the introvert, online social media allow for a true *increase* in connection. They offer connection in small doses in whatever frequency the individual chooses.

    Those who connect easily might see them merely as a supplement to (or even a distraction from) the truckload of connection they get when they go out into the world of people. But, for those who can’t take the overload of being in person, they are the primary source – a lifeline of connection – a way out of isolation.

    If social media seem like a waste of time, consider those of your friends who just can’t handle large doses of people time. If you have only a small connection with them, perhaps that’s all the connection they have with anyone and all the connection they need.

    The extroverts of the world who think think that nothing less than face to face contact is meaningful should consider that some of us need connection that is less intense than a fire hose.

  6. It Europe in some places, much to my not-so-mad surprise, had no toilet seats in a lot of places. Rather they had a seat molded in.

  7. Maybe there’ll be a bohemian type backlash someday of unpluggedness. When it all started it seemed like a great thing for us introverts and verbal stumblers. A little too much of a good thing now maybe; constantly being tracked and measured for ads, with other sorts of spying, ID thievery and so forth going on. Social fads come and go but technology seems to have it’s own exponential trajectory.

  8. There is no toilet seat in the Bible or the Constitution so it has no place in Bizarro. But there is wine, mountains, fire and an inordinate amount of clowns mentioned or involved in one or the other.

  9. Here’s how much of a true nerd I am: I read your cartoon and circle with a pen the piece of pie, the alien spacecraft, the eyeball, K2, the firecracker, the strange bird and I’m probably forgetting something….. Yours is my favorite.

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