Loud Food Kilt Floppy Disk


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Epiphanies.


Personally, I never accept anything offered for free for fear that strings will be attached. I don’t like strings. Not even free ones.















This cartoon is autobiographical because while writing cartoons one day and thinking about zombies, I suddenly realized that they could eat their own brains. Sorry it is so disgusting.












I meant for this cowboy to be denied entrance to somewhere like a saloon or something, but I was too lazy to draw the background that day. I figured my Jazz Pickles would still get the gist of it.









BIZARRO BASEMENT: Those of you under a certain age do not remember the early days of computers, but I do and this cartoon is about that. My first computer was an iMac around 1994 or so. I recall that it was a major effort just plugging it in and learning what it did. Before that, I had to do all my computing on a device I’d made from twigs, rope, and tar. You young people today don’t know how good you’ve got it.bz 03-10-99 CDromWEB


19 thoughts on “Loud Food Kilt Floppy Disk

  1. I do not believe you are sorry that the zombie comic is disgusting. I love the top of the head sitting next to him on the bench. He’s going to put the lid back on and save some for later.

  2. I think MacCowboy will change his mind once he rides through the chapparal/sagebrush wearing that kilt. The wind in his hair would probably be nice though.

  3. Airhorns! If you’ve ever been to a Motorcycle Speedway meeting in Europe you will either love or hate them. At the British GP, held indoors at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, the din is deafening, even tho’ there are Airhorn free zones there is no escape. Being an old Grump, and an unreconstructed thug, I usually inform people standing near me who possess these motorised Vuvuzelas exactly what will happen to them (and their airhorns) if they let them off in my vicinity. Ol’ Fart Rules!

    • Good for you, Dave. I normally despise thuggery, but yours is in self-defense, and defense of others around you. But I was wondering: can you actually hear the airhorns over the racing motorcycles?

  4. Anytime somebody goes all “in my day” about older computers, I drag out my first experience with a computer at my college in 1975… an IBM 360 Mainframe with tape drives AND 14-inch disc packs (that’s a stack of disks weighing – well, nobody ever let me lift one – my first experience with easily removable storage was 8inch floppies); input via Telex teletype machines (the terminals with CRT screens were only for the people authorized to lift the disk packs), OR you could use punch cards, and all printed output was on wide sheets with green stripes and holes in the borders. That’s when you were doing REAL computing.

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  6. I LOVE the computer one…I was a tech “back in the day”, and I remember when I first got my email at university (in 1994 or so), the directions the campus networking department gave for learning how to use the email and the early internet were “the instructions are all online”!

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