Family Demon Oil


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Family Circus is one of the most parodied cartoons in history. The simple wholesomeness of it is irresistible to sarcastic jackasses like me and there are a number of FC memes––like Billy’s habit of leaving dotted lines everywhere he walks––that make it “easy pickins”. I’ve done a handful in the past and thought I’d gotten it out of my system but then this idea occurred to me and I couldn’t resist. I’m friends with Jeff Keane, better known by FC readers as “Jeffy,” and was friends with his late father, the creator of FC, Bil Keane. They’ve always enjoyed FC spoofs, so I knew I was in safe waters when I submitted this one. I drew the comic exactly as Jeff would, who has taken over the strip for his dad, but I took the liberty of redecorating their house with five of my own Bizarro secret symbols. My favorite touch is PJ crying. Lord only knows what horrible sights he witnessed to upset him so.Bizarro 06-29-14 WEB



BYGONE BIZARRO: Below, from 1999, is another treatment of family life that I hope you will enjoy. It reads in vertical columns, as opposed to straight across the top.

Bizarro 01-31-99 WEB


25 thoughts on “Family Demon Oil

  1. I’ve had this thought about baby oil, baby powder, a car battery, and Frankenstein. Just a thought, mind you.

  2. Do you know, the baby oil joke is clear from the first panel. Since you’re not shy about punchlines that aren’t obvious but require a moment’s thought instead, I’m curious why you decided that one needed four extra panels to explain it?

  3. Hello.

    Please re-publish the cartoon of the great Ponca City pencil rebellion.

    Thank You

    Roger C. former Ponca City co-prisoner with you in the 1960s or 1970s I forget when you lived there and I try to forget I lived there no matter what year.

  4. What I find even more bizarre is that the lady in the second cartoon went into the store to buy baby oil and came out with JUST baby oil! How often does it happen that you go into a store for ONE item and end up buying just that one?

  5. There used to be a website dedicated to FC parodies called The Dysfunctional Family Circus, where they’d publish an official strip and ask for captions. Most were adult-themed, and definitely not for kids. A few themes came out, like the mother’s OCD cleaning habits (she’s always wearing gloves), and so on.

    Bil was aware of the site, and called the owner. Eventually, he reached out to the owner, and they chatted. Bil said he enjoyed the alternate captions, but requested the site be taken down. It was.

    You can find snippets of the archive if you look around.

    • I’ve seen and enjoyed it before but didn’t realize it had been taken down. Bil had a pretty bawdy sense of humor so I’m guessing his objection was that it had gotten too far over the top. No idea, though, just guessing.

  6. Oh my gosh Dan, the baby oil toon is so funny. It reminds me of a situation that happened to me recently. Before my stepdaughter’s commencement in May, the usher came section by section through the auditorium, announcing the ubiquitous warning that everyone should turn off or silence their cell phones. As if on cue, a baby in the distance went off like a siren just as he finished with us. It was ear piercing. My immediate thought was, “Could you please put your baby on vibrate?” Later, I thought of some other things that could fill in for “baby” in that sentence: biological clock, ego, Mother-in-law… What can you think of that, were it on “vibrate”, would go towards vastly improving your present experience?

  7. While reading my Sunday funnies yesterday, for a brief moment, I thought my local paper started carrying “Family Circus” again. Well played sir.

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