Super Villain Flies


Bizarro 07-27-14 HdrWEB Bizarro 07-27-14 WEB(Click any image to make it seem larger.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Homeopathic Hair Replacement.

This is my last day of vacation so my next post will be full of verbosity. If you care.


Today’s cartoon is a bit of a soft gag, I suppose, but I just thought it would be really funny to impose Hollywood action film rules on actual life for a moment.











A fun bit of Jazz Pickle trivia: I used the same boardroom drawing for this gag as I did in the one below from Bizarro 07-21-13 FlyBoardroomWEB2013. Compare and contrast.


14 thoughts on “Super Villain Flies

  1. Welcome back from vacation. Like most knowledge workers in the US today, when I am on vacation I still have to check my email and respond to any question or crisis that may come up in my absence. You’ve got it even worse. Not only do you keep your blog up to date while you are vacationing (so no real disconnect from virtual world), but you still have to produce 52 week’s worth of work, so the strip can continue without interruption. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you are still at least jotting down ideas and sketches during your down time. You’re lucky you love your work, it would appear that most people don’t. But loving your work doesn’t mean it isn’t demanding!

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  3. I image the two cartoons above being related. Maybe the bottom one, with the flies, is the result of a radiation accident mentioned in the first comic? Interesting…

  4. Hey, I thought you would be off of vacation by now Dan? Make with the funny damn it! I need my fix! haha

    and for the record, I do care and enjoy your commentary that accompanies the comics you post. Sometimes that’s the funniest part!

  5. Hey, Dan: As an advocate for clean nuclear power (think of the incredible air pollution from fossil fuel burning that is being created every day by the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station,) there was an apparent “goof” in your 27 July 2014 panel. The nuclear reactor would already be shut down in the event of the scenario announced by the character at the left of the panel. Thus, there would be little, if any, condensed water vapor emerging from the cooling tower. The response of the character at the right of the panel is consistent with what was uncovered by researchers at Davidson College following the 1979 Three Mile Island (TMI) accident. Most people’s responses to nuclear power use reference frames from works of fiction. Insignificant radiation released from TMI.

  6. Re the vacation photo, I’m guessing taken in San Miguel Mexico based on the mariachi band, photo caption and presence of tequila. Who’s the good looking lady?

  7. Is the implication of the first cartoon that a radiation leak will create super heroes and villains or kill them as well? I think the wording is ambiguous.

    On a related topic, consider power generation as a whole. I find it humorous that electric car drivers are so smug about their “green” car. Do you know what fuel powers an electric car in most parts of the country? Coal. Very green indeed. Most electric power plants are fueled by coal, which is burned to heat water that becomes steam that turns turbines that turn generators that generate electricity. It seems to me to be a very inefficient process. The only difference with nuclear is that the fission of the nuclear material boils the water directly. The remainder of the process is the same except that the waste product is radioactive waste as opposed to coal ash. Being a civil engineer, I think the general public is woefully ignorant of the sausage-making that goes into any public utility to society’s detriment.

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