Zombie Burning Anger


bz panel 08-08-14bz strip 08-08-14bz panel 08-09-14bz strip 08-09-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Chocolate Family, Please.

These cartoons are a couple of my favorites of late. As tempting as it was to draw the zombies “running” the race, I’m happy that I chose this remote view instead, which leaves part of the gag to the reader’s imagination.

Attention young cartoonists: The reader’s imagination is key to a good gag.  

Also: Get out of cartooning now––there’s less money in it all the time and I could do without the competition.










I’ve done a lot of ventriloquist cartoons (there’s just so much fodder in the image of an adult with a talking doll) but this may be my favorite because it touches on a favorite topic of mine––the limitless capacity of humans to be superstitious and fearful of what they don’t understand. I’ll let you draw your own analogies about how this relates to modern society.

Jazz Pickles with better memories and/or powers of observation may notice that I used some art from another cartoon for much of this image. Here is a peek at that one, which is not about fear and superstition but another of my pet peeves: mandatory jury duty.







PREZARROS: This cartoon from 1999 isn’t about reacting to something you don’t understand with superstition or fear, but rather with anger. Over the years I’ve gotten a fair amount of vitriolic hate mail from people who want Bizarro to go away simply because they don’t understand it. (I often have asked them if someone is forcing them to read it.) This was my published response to that kind of mail.bz 04-09-99 AmbiguousWEB I’m pretty certain they didn’t get this one, either. To be a Jazz Pickle, you have to be willing to think around corners and I love you guys for that.


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  1. Love, love, love your cartoons and look forward to them daily! I must admit, however, that occasionally I don’t get them. But that’s about me, not the cartoon or the cartoonist!

  2. Ah! You’re singing my song…. especially since I often use comics that may require you to think off the wall as a mini-IQ test. No one forces me to read Bizarro, I seek it out! (So what does that say about me?!!)

  3. Loved the first ‘zomic’. And u r right about leaving something to the readers’ imagination; I immediately was in splits thinking of zombies on balance beam, hurdle race, pyramids etc :-D

  4. I like ’em all, but the Citizens Against Ambiguous Cartoons really tickled my funnybone. Is it OK if I post it to Facebook, or would you prefer that I share the whole page? I’m asking because I want to respect your rights, but I’d like to share that single panel. Thank you for all the great work and thank you for your consideration.

  5. I retired and moved to the Yucatan last year. One of the few things I miss about my old life is seeing your comics in the morning paper. I started following your facebook page a while back because we have a friend in common, Edwin Letcher whom I’ve known for over thirty years. It’s so nice to be able to see these subtly hilarious, if there is such a thing, comics here. Thanks for posting all this stuff!

  6. The current carriers of the Nancy torch have a secondary daily feature online that shows individual, context-free panels from the original artist, Ernie Bushmiller: “Random Acts of Nancy”. http://www.gocomics.com/random-acts-of-nancy/ When Bushmiller passed away in 1982, the first two replacements lasted less than two years before Jerry Scott took over for a decade. But don’t feel bad for Jerry; he went on to write (but let somebody else draw) TWO hit comics, “Baby Blues” and “Zits”, and has one of the biggest houses near me in the hills south of San Luis Obispo, CA. The current Master of Nancy, Guy Gilchrist, has been watching over the “three rocks” for almost 20 years, but only recently has he let slip in some more interesting elements (including the return of Aunt Frizi’s boyfriend Phil Fumble – after 45 years… not to mention Oona Goosepimple, an Addams-esque ‘spooky little girl’ who gives the strip an excuse to go supernaturally surreal). For some of this new life, I credit Gilchrist’s new assistant John Lotshaw (who replaced Guy’s brother Brad) and who had been doing a webcomic titled “Accidental Centaurs” http://www.accidentalcentaurs.com/ since 2002. Interesting team since Gilchrist recently did a guest appearance on “The 700 Club” while Lotshaw helped support his webcomic by selling an X-rated version. (Centaur sex?) Anyway, “Nancy” has become, for me, borderline-to-chuckle-worthy a couple times a week, which is way better than most ‘legacy’ comics (zombie-related example: http://www.gocomics.com/nancy/2014/08/09 ).

  7. “Thinking around corners” has me envisioning one of those old comic book advertisements with a brain using one of those periscope contraptions.

  8. Hi Dan, I loved today’s (8/10) comic about global warming in the Sunday Paper. Your message was very well put. I too would like to see more ecological improvement on this situation.

  9. About the constitution- you’d think that would be the case. But a depressingly large and growing group of people would disagree :(
    It irks me when people get involved in other people’s business- they have too much time on their hands (a growing epidemic). My problem is that if I tell them to stop then I’m doing it too :&

  10. Thanks again, Dan. Here’s what I told my friends: “If you’re the kind of discerning reader who appreciates such detailed and nuanced funnies, you’ll likely at least snort and chortle, if not bust a gut at the inexhaustable laff riot that awaits you at Dan Pirarao’s Bizarro Blog: http://bizarrocomics.com/

  11. An interesting editorial on juries: “What Juries Get Wrong and Why They’ll Never Deliver True Justice”–http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/diane-francis/george-zimmerman-trial-jury-justice_b_3701305.html

    If the jury system were abolished, then you wouldn’t have to worry about jury duty.

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  14. I really love it here. I live way down on the Yucatan Peninsula in the charming colonial city of Mérida. We don’t have any of the horrible violence of northern Mexico, the drug cartels don’t operate here and this is not only the safest city in Mexico but one of the safest cities in the world.

    The pace of life here is very slow so it’s not for everyone but if you are ready to slow down and live among a sweet, thoughtful and caring bunch of people this is the place. It’s really quite unsual to pass a stranger on the street and not have them look you in the eye, smile and say good day without wanting anything from you but a smile in return.

  15. Dan, so glad finally I got your Blog back. Philip, in the Yucatan, tell about Merida. I got back to the States, (after my husband moved to the invisible realms), to live with my daughter…anyway, I lived in Mexico for 26 years, two in CanCun, and then on to Merida. What Philips has to say, is the mirror of who he is. The city has changed a lot, with malls, and Burger and Domino, but in the overall, the Maya nowdays, is a culture of Peace. Most enlightening lessons on LIFE (soon to be 77), came from the most humble. I have the feeling you would love it, if can endure the humid heat of a long summer season…In Spanish: “Merida tiene dos estaciones, el verano y la del tren”…which means:”Merida has two Seasons (estaciones), Summer and the train station”, As you well know, funny sayings don’t translate well. If you will consider the Yucatan, there is a long tradition of esoteric endeavors behind their wonderful Pyramids, and if open to that, you’ll discover the magic. I’ll be most happy, would you ever decide to visit, to elaborate on that.. ; people you can absolutely can trust from an spiritual and material point of view. A highly evolved person, as you are,will look around with hungry compassionate eyes and thrive on the differences. Best to you and loved ones. bettina ledesma

    I am originally from Buenos Aires (faulty English, duh !), lived in Bogota, then California (23 year), Mexico and now, ha ha ha, the best place to be a Buddhist :Las Vegas, working on ZEN NO OPINION . Long way to go, loling.b

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