Cannibal Ghost Superman Dinner


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Gourmet Dining.

If you haven’t visited a KwikKannibal recently, you should. They have a new sausage sandwich that is filled with ground lips, ears, and nostrils––not the usual penis-on-a-bun that these kinds of places typically have. I recommend it.

My good buddy Cliff The King Of Wordplay came up with this delightful pun and I am pleased to present it to you today. I hope it made you giggle. Buy a print of this cartoon here.











And here’s a fun take on ghosts from my friend Michael Roth, who lives in Germany where ghosts are much more common than here in Los Angeles, where I live. And many of them are wrinkly, evidently. Buy a print of this cartoon here.













I’m not sure if this gag works the way I wanted it to. It was supposed to be about Superman as a kid, using his ability to fly to catch wild ducks for dinner. Now that I see it again, I’m not sure it’s any good. The good news is that I just submitted a different Superman gag that I think is really good. It will appear in papers on September 6, so keep your eye(s) peeled. Buy a print of this cartoon here.








Pazz Jickles: And now, Jazz Pickles, feast your eyes on this cannibal gag from 2001 in which everyone’s favorite celeb meets her doom. bz 06-15-01 MarthaWEBOr does she?!















17 thoughts on “Cannibal Ghost Superman Dinner

  1. I actually liked the ‘young superman catching birds’ cartoon the best of the ones today. It made me laugh out loud, so it can’t be too bad, and I ‘got it’ immediately, so quiet your doubts! thanks for your work.

  2. I wonder if the KwikKannibal also sells fava beans as a side plate? And are they licensed to sell alcohol? Surely a nice Chianti would go well with some of their dishes…

    I’m glad to see Superman isn’t brought down as easily by a bird strike as a passenger plane. I have often wondered though why he doesn’t sometimes arrive at his destination with his whole face splattered with the remains of insects. Come to think of it, there may be a cartoon in that… :-)

  3. Don’t know how credible it is but many years ago I heard someone tell of asking a cannibal woman which parts were best. Answer: The inner thigh & forearm, the fleshy part of the palm, the rest is too tough, & has to be smoked. Not mention of Hannibal cannibal’s fava beans & chianti.

  4. Instead of the KwikKannibal you could have made it the Donner Party Cafe. I’ve driven over Donner Pass a few times and always thought someone should open a restaurant with “mom’s cooking”. Besides below-knee sandwich there could be lady fingers, French toes, knuckle sandwiches, etc.

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