Cowboy Dung Barf Hospital


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Dung Beetle.


Here’s an interesting bit of history from the American Old West: before there were face lotions with sunscreen built into them, cowboys used to have to carry around a little plastic bottle of the stuff and reapply every couple of hours. That’s the only way they could stay young looking on the trail.











If you’ve ever raised children, been around children, or been a child yourself, you might recognize this sibling dynamic. Why are the young so cruel and poop-obsessed?














This week’s cartoons seem to be heavy on insects and unappealing bodily functions. I must make an appointment with my therapist and see if I can find out what that means. Also, I’ve done a few fly cartoons in recent months/years and I like putting a decaying Bizarro Bunny in the background whenever I can. Flies like decay, I hear.









BIZARCHEAOLOGY: Here’s a fun story from 1996. When this cartoon appeared in papers nationwide, I got an email from none other than Teller himself, thanking me for putting them in a Bizarro cartoon. He said he was a fan. He’s long been one of my heroes in the entertainment industry so I was over the moon! We’ve corresponded a few times over the years, he was gracious enough to give me a blurb for my book, Bizarro Among the Savages, and I even got to have dinner with him in Las Vegas back in ’02. He’s a swell 10-02-96 PennTellerWEB

By the way, don’t miss Teller’s face in the IV bottle at top right.


14 thoughts on “Cowboy Dung Barf Hospital

  1. love them all, so many that I can really relate to! But, as a nurse, we don’t get grossed out by anything–but maybe that’s the point? It is so bizarre it actually does gross out an RN? either way thanks for making me laugh everyday. :)

  2. Teller, the world’s only non-mime professional mute. I assume he spoke when you had dinner with him, Dan? I don’t know if you’re into Science Fiction, but Penn and Teller had guest roles on an episode (written by Neil Gaiman!) of Babylon 5. And I remember one episode of their Sin City Spectacular where Teller doesn’t actually speak, but he does make a vocalization that’s used to distract the audience member participating in a trick (it worked).

  3. As an entomologist, I always appreciate insect-themed cartoons. However, I would just like to point out that the young of dung beetles and flies are larvae (grubs and maggots, respectively) and not miniature adults in appearance…

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