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Bizarro 08-17-14 hedrWEBBizarro 08-17-14 WEB(For a less-small version of any of these comics, click them.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Count Barney.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is another of my scenes from the Old West. I’ve always thought idiots are inherently funny, probably because they make me feel superior. I’ve had my share of idiotic moments, too, though. Just yesterday I reached for my mustache wax and grabbed a barrel of napalm instead. I nearly destroyed my entire neighborhood. I got a big, hearty laugh out of it, though.

There are a whopping total of six secret symbols for you to search for in this cartoon, so click on it to make it bigger and get started. There are also two background gags that aren’t secret symbols. (Here’s the answer code to today’s symbol locations, if you’re a total wuss.)

You can get a color print of this cowboy cartoon here.


29 thoughts on “Circle Jerks

  1. I think the cowboy cartoon is really great, but I really like the Monument Valley/Old West scene with the pie. That would make a better t-shirt for me! Plus it says “Bizarro” in big letters, which is marketing 101.

    • I’ve thought about that. One problem is that the T-shirt site I use charges more for color (duh) and that kind of image doesn’t work well in black and white so if I do that one, it might be more like $25 or $30 bucks instead of $20. I don’t know, I’ll have to check. Olive Oyl made that same suggestion this morning. :^}

  2. I thought you were being cute, and you were going to circle the six arrows as Arrows of Vulnerability, but then I spotted the normal symbols, and noticed a seventh arrow. So I’m claiming your total is thirteen.

  3. Fire proofing might not be needed by aliens smart enough to engineer the extensibility/elasticity of their bungies to keep them below the velocity that would trigger ignition on passing through our atmosphere. Let the fireproofed races call them wusses if they will. Safety first.

  4. I get 7 symbols but I’m counting the Batman/Bacardi shield of the left-hand(ed) horseman. Which “B” word was meant? If copyright issues demand non-committal on that issue, I’ll accept Great Horned Owl but I think they’re pretty uncommon in mesa country.

    • The Batman symbol isn’t one of my official symbols, so it doesn’t count. There’s also a “smiley face” on another Indian’s shield but it doesn’t count, either.

  5. I, for three (after Greg and Olive), would gladly be relieved of an extra 5 or 10 clams for a color-illustrated shirt.

    Btw, is that icon on the one shield the Bat-sign, or the Bacardi rum symbol?

  6. Please don’t say “an homage”, “an herb”, “an hysterectomy” etc. It sounds absurd at best and pretentious at worst.

    • I tend to write the way I speak and I would never say “a homage” since I don’t pronounce the “H”. I’ve always pronounced it o-majh, as opposed to hom-majh.

  7. ‘Circling the wagon’ made me think of the party game Musical Chairs. Now that I think about it, Musical Chairs with rifles would be very interesting.

  8. I missed the shields (and had a good laugh after you pointed them out), but there are red somethings on two horse flanks. One looks like “96” but I can’t make out the other one.

    • Those are actually red hand prints, which is something some Native Americans used to actually do, or at least I’ve seen it in movies. :^}

  9. Loved both of todays cartoons and much appreciation for your efforts at keeping reader engagement going with the secret symbols. Btw if the alien calibrates his bungee rope a wee bit, he can grab a bud can right at the end of the ‘sprong’

  10. Circle the wagons reminded me of a drawing you did several centuries ago about the intersection of hi-way 180 and I-360. A bit of circular reasoning on my part allows me to comment on that older cartoon here. Texas State Hi-way 360 crosses US 180 about halfway atween Dallas and Ft Worth, not far from where I live. I keep tryin to get over there to take a photo of the signs, but I keep meetin my self coming back.

    That’s all I got. Except for my scheme to make big bucks off of pioneers by opening a topless wagon bar.

  11. In actuality there are at least 3 subspecies of Great Horned Owls that are common in desert mesa country, and in non-mesa deserts as well. Then there are even more subspecies in non-desert mesa country, (US mesas occur farther east than do deserts.)There are, however no owls of any type in the pitcher above, and I have never seen an owl in any dessert on any table.

  12. Re 8/19 cartoon: if you are going to sub sawhorses for horses, why not a flamethrower for the gun. We don’t eat termites here, yet (lizards eat ants and termites). There’s a pun in the last part gestating.

  13. Hi Dan, Excellent, as always! Just a guess but, is one of the background gags Pierce Arrow? And might the other be Gun Smoke?

    • You’re too clever, Edwin. The background gags were much simpler: the Batman symbol and Smiley Face on the shields of two of the Indians. :^}

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