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Bizarro 08-24-14 hedr WEBBizarro 08-24-14 WEB(To see any of these images largerized, click any character’s index finger.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Modern Lady Godiva.

This is a fairly simple and maybe corny pun, but I love the contrast between the big hullabaloo I made with such a complex and formal illustration, and the final gag. Does that make sense? I actually used much of this art a couple of times before but what the hell, it took me a long time to draw, I might as well get my money’s worth, right?

JAZZ PICKLE JAR: The name of today’s archival section is appropriate since I put a jar of jazz pickles in the title panel of today’s strip. Here, from 1999, is a cartoon full of pathos as poor Mr. Potato Head listens to a prosthetics salesman describe his wares. I can’t help but wonder which one he chose, but I guess we’ll never know. biz24tsc PotatoHeadWEB


24 thoughts on “Godiva Fries

  1. Oh well, it was bound to happen one day…..I don’t get the Lady Godiva panel….or it’s SO simple that it fails?

    • Lady Godiva is famous for riding naked through the streets. If she’s riding side-saddle, one side sees her full frontal, the other her back. “Hurray for our side” is something of a battle cliche.

  2. I’ve only ever seen/heard the exact phrase “hooray for our side” before in one place: the song “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield.

  3. I only find 10 secret symbols, or 12 with the title panel (pie, alien, 2 eyes, 2 firecracker, 2 birds, bunny, k2). And rather then prosthetics, is this not the funeral dude helping him choose how he is to be interned (or what happens at end of life)?

  4. Amazing dressing skills in the title panel! (shirt inside sweater in the neck, but outside at the arms’ end)
    Intentional, I guess?

  5. “I actually used much of this art a couple of times…” Hey, recycling is suppose to be a good thing, right? Just please don’t take it to the extreme like Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics which uses the exact same art work, day after day, changing only the text (gag). It’s a clever idea and subversive cartooning device, but your artwork is the frosting on the devil’s food witticism.

  6. “Hurray for our side” was a recurring quip among high school friends in the early ’70’s. Thanks for the resurrection!

  7. We are having a heated discussion about your Lady Godiva cartoon. Could you please explain the nuance behind it? I guess I mean the humor or wit.

    Thanks very much!


    • “Hooray for our side” is an old battle cheer of some sort. Lady Godiva is famous for having ridden naked through the streets. If she’s riding sidesaddle, then one side gets a better view.

  8. Depending on individual preferences for callipygian versus thoracic cleavage the cheer might have come from both sides.

  9. Depending on callipygian versus thoracic aesthetics that “our side” hurray might have arisen from both sides of the street.

  10. I learned “callipygian” from my father when he was in the hospital for the last time, gravely ill. A fat nurse with junk in the trunk walked by and I remarked that she was steatopygous, and he instantly agreed and said she was indeed callipygian. I was so delighted to see that his mind was still clear, even in his last illness. Even in grad school I never met anyone with a better active vocabulary. RIP.

  11. Don’t we know archaic barrel ! (which I just looked up, to be sure, and found I’d been wrong for 40 years … thought it was “Don we now archaic barrel … ” but it’s the archaic that counts.

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