Church Murder Bird Poop


bz panel 08-28-14bz strip 08-28-14bz panel 08-29-14bz strip 08-29-14bz panel 08-30-14bz strip 08-30-14Bizarro is brought to you today by The Glamorous World of Taxis.

I’ve done a few Batman cartoons wherein I riff on the animal choices for he and Robin’s alter-egos. This suggestion, however, came from my good friend and colleague in cartooning, Dan McConnell. (I’ve asked Dan to double all of the consonants in his first and last name, but he resists.) You can see his original suggestion for this comic here.













I thought this was a fun way to comment on the recent phenomenon of people being on their smart phones all of the time instead of being present. I was happy to find a way to do it without showing a lot of people on smart phones.















There is mounting evidence that birds have better memories than we have given them credit for. I have no doubt they recognize “easy marks” from past experiences. I used to feed a flock of pigeons on the roof of my building in Manhattan years ago and a couple of them would recognize me on the very crowded streets of my neighborhood (9 stories below) and pester me for food.







BIZARRO BASEMENT: Here’s a weird cartoon of mine from 1998. It’s one of those that isn’t immediately apparent until closer inspection. At least, that was my intent.bz980810 WEB



8 thoughts on “Church Murder Bird Poop

  1. I like your cartoon, “To the Batmobile, Cardinal”. However, while most of your changes to cartoon suggestions are good improvements, this is one where you dropped a very funny joke. “Holy Sea”, as they are running down the dock, is just the sort of clean swearing Robin would say. “Holy See” for a cardinal, however, has a TOTALLY different meaning!

    • Good points. I felt that “Holy Sea” was something that would not mean anything to most people and isn’t a joke in and of itself unless you’re familiar with the term “Holy See,” so I changed it. I also didn’t want to have to draw another ocean. :^}

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