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In creating this first cartoon, I was well aware of the fact that there are plenty of women (and men) out there who really dig this kind of guy. To those folks I’d like to say that the point of this was not to say that this guy is wrong for everyone, just wrong for the gal at the bar. I have a lot of friends who are political, environmental, and/or animal rights activists and some of them have the habit of plastering their vehicles with tons of stickers about their beliefs, as well. I’m not sure how many people actually change their belief system based on the bumper stickers they read while at a red light, but I’m guessing it’s a fairly small percentage. Still, somehow we all like to tell the world what we believe or cherish in one way or another. I, for instance, enjoy wearing a T-shirt that says, “ONE OF MY CHILDREN HAS NEVER BEEN ARRESTED.” (Purchase a print of this cartoon.)








This “Found Dog” cartoon is a favorite of mine, because the punch line is so hidden. I found it very difficult to convert into a strip version, however, and wonder how many readers missed the joke when seeing it in the tiny newspaper format. Life is like that sometimes. (Purchase a print of this cartoon.)







Regarding my Godzilla cartoon, I figured I would get a complaint or two from religious readers and I was not disappointed. This one appeared this morning on my Bizarro Facebook page:

Mr. Piraro, as a Christian, I take offense at your cartoon in today’s (paper), wherein you depict godzilla returning in a Christ-like manner.”  

This was my response: “I’m sorry you were offended, that wasn’t my intention. For me, it was just a simple pun between God and Godzilla. I’ve always felt that humor is an innate and invaluable part of the human mind and that if there is a supreme, omnipotent being, it is likely not easily offended by the meager attempts of humans to make each other smile.”

This is a common problem with jokes about religion and one that keeps most mainstream cartoonists from broaching the subject. I was raised in a devout Catholic family and attended Catholic school for many years, so I was raised to take spiritual matters very seriously. As an adult I’ve read a fair amount about world religions, theology, and philosophy and continue to study the subject of “higher powers” in all its forms. I’m no longer a believer in any established religions or gods, but still find the powerful attraction most humans have to belief in a higher power fascinating. For some time I was a fairly militant atheist, but now my views have softened a bit and I see the human experience as something endlessly complex and difficult, and have come to believe that whatever means people use to make their journey a little more tolerable is understandable. I draw the line, of course, when religious beliefs are used to prosecute or oppress others. Which, to be fair, is alarmingly often, so I still get ample chances to exercise my militant side.  (Purchase a print of this cartoon.)

PREBIZTORICALS: On the topic of religion, I bring you this cartoon from the archives. In the version that appeared in newspapers, the word “shit” was replaced with “poo.” It’s not as funny that way, somehow, so I reverted to my original caption for this post.  It has long been interesting to me how utterly ridiculous certain other religions seem (even when I was a devout believer) primitive ones especially, and the thought that immediately followed was that the religion I was raised in would seem just as ridiculous to someone convinced otherwise. Bz 04-17-06 GodBirdPooSMThis gag, for instance, won’t offend modern folks in any great number, but if the statue had been of Jesus, I would not have even been allowed to publish it. I think we often fool ourselves into believing that other religions have more superstition in them than ours, whatever it may be.




42 thoughts on “Camper Bite Godzilla God

  1. Personally I’m not offended by the Godzilla joke. Born & raised Catholic with a son who is a priest. My son the priest has a “punny” sense of humor. I think God has a sense of humor and would laugh too.

  2. When I was a Buddhist monk, my preceptor (from Myanmar) was offended about a sack of rice that was called Buddha Rice and had a big picture of the Buddha on it in red ink. It made me laugh.

    I would love to see Jesus Hamburger Buns, or something, but I’m probably in the minority.

  3. The first joke recorded in the Pali Canon (of Theravada Buddhism) was, naturally, a joke about Enlightenment. One of the names for the supposed Enlightened state was a word which meant something akin to “cooled”.

    The monks were sitting down to a meal and one monk complained that his food was too hot. The “bad” monk said the first guy should wait until his food was “cooled.” After the Buddha found out (the story goes), he created a rule prohibiting joking about Enlightenment. ;)

  4. ugh…

    Whenever I see the sentence “I take offense”, in the context of humor, I get pissed off. Why are people so humorless? I am Jewish – if someone cracks a funny jew-joke – I’ll be the first to laugh. Don’t understand why this is so hard.

    Lighten the f–k up!

    • To be fair, jews have long had an impressive tradition of humor. I get most of my complaints of this sort from white protestants. (NOT that all protestants are humorless, of course!) :^}

  5. How dare you!! God would never let birds shit on his head!! He would smite them with damnation into the Pit of no Seed (bird hell!) with swift furious vengeance.

  6. I found it interesting that Janet from another planet chose to pair her lady clown sculpture with the salesman clown sculpture, and not her old man. They do make a more interesting couple, though.

  7. Interesting to run toons about The Almighty Overseer, considering that you’re not only Its/Hers/His drafter, but now you’re Its/Hers/His voice! (lol)

    One more talent and you’re as good as TAO!

    Side note: “drawer” sounds too naughty as it makes me wonder what kind of drawers TAO wears _ thongs, perhaps? TAO may not have genitals, but it shurely must have an ass!! (lol)

  8. Since I was a teen (we’re talking about 45 yrs ago, but don’t tell anyone) one of my fav jokes was, “What is the name of the son of Godzilla?” Of course, the answer is Jesuszilla! Your cartoon made my day.

  9. Hi, new to the site, enjoy your comics. The link to why dynamite pie? at the top seems to be broken, any chance it could be repaired.



  10. Oh right. I forgot. I’m watching Utopia Ep #2 and I see you’re in front of the camera. So, … drafting on TAO’s behalf, voice, and now representing? All Hail TAO?

    And all of the bads puns must make me the Ass of TAO? (sigh) now if I can look good in a thong ….

    (CWL _ cringing with laughter)

  11. Have you ever thought of going nuts with the cartoons, doing everything that you know would never be allowed in a newspaper, and then publishing that as a book? One would think that the possibilities with sex and religion alone would be limitless.

  12. As a devout Godzillian, I take offense at your Godzilla cartoon, in which the Supreme Being is portrayed with a beard. It is well known that he has scales. Only a fool or blasphemer would worship a bearded lizard.

  13. Regarding the “God-zilla” cartoon, I saw it as an obvious swipe at the producers who originally imported Japan’s “Gojira” monster movie and either (1) did an inept attempt at a phonetic translation or (2) actually believed themselves that God was represented by a giant reptile. Sheesh. As for the other “God” cartoon, that just reminded me of my favorite representation of a pagan idol, in the “Land of Gorch” sketches that Jim Henson and the Muppeteers created for the first season of Saturday Night Live (39 years ago!) which included the Mighty Favog, a talking stone idol that openly solicited sacrifices.

    As for the first cartoon, I didn’t even see the bottom caption at first (due to the Comics Kingdom scrolling footer), but got a laugh at anybody avoiding smalltalk by reference the content of his bumper stickers (I didn’t even notice the word ‘camper’ as providing any additional subtext i.e. ‘my mobile chamber of love’). Even as stripped down as that, and without consideration as to how the guy’s appearance may suggest the content of the bumper stickers, it was just a funny concept to me.

    The “found dog” cartoon was a little subtle, not enough visible dog, but then, reading the flyer did prompt me to look toward the bottom of the frame… halfway-afraid I’d see the man missing a foot.

  14. And, if He has no sense of humor; how could He possibly come up with the idea of making such silly, ridiculous creatures as us humans? Ya gotta wonder…

  15. It sounds like you and I in complete agreement religiously, but I love the way you phrased it: “whatever means people use to make their journey a little more tolerable is understandable.” But when I read “return of Godzilla,” I thought not of the religious story but looked for signs that the beast was doing his income tax.

    I watched your linked intro to Utopia, and I think you’re better-looking with your own version of the mustache. Still, you are a far more impressive narrator than most I’ve seen.

    Finally, and least important, in the “Mr. Wrong” comic, I counted five easter eggs in the one that said “4,” and four in the one that said “5.” I’m just picturing you, at deadline, rushing to add the numbers as the final touch.

  16. Not necessarily, Mellissa. Remember the Spanish Inquisition? And Mary Queen of Scots? And I believe there have been recent examples in the Middle East, but I can’t think of specifics just now.

  17. Your throwback comic from 2006 reminds me of a 1912 short fantasy story by Lord Dunsany, “Chu-bu and Sheemish”, which can be read online:

    For instance:

    “Now there were holy birds in the temple of Chu-bu, and when the third day was come and the night thereof, it was, as it were, revealed to the mind of Chu-bu that there was dirt upon the head of Sheemish.”

  18. Bonjour Dan! I thought the Godzilla was like God watching over everything, in disguise, of course. There was no 2nd coming illustrated in that cartoon to my way of viewing it. Anyway, last time I checked, Jesus never had time to grow a white beard…

  19. My views on religion are pretty similar to yours. I’m pretty tolerant of all religious views. A couple things I don’t dig, though, are those who think their religion is somehow better than someone else’s and those who try to foist their religion on others.

  20. I love your bird shit cartoon. The possibilities of humor with religious objects are endless. One of my all-time favorite cartoons from the New Yorker, ages ago, shows two Egyptian priests walking past bizarre statues of gods and one says to the other, “Sometimes I can’t control the giggles”

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